American white pelicans and a Crane Lake Springfield Chatham IL

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This video was taken on October 6 2012. It starts out with what I think is a crane. Several cranes are known to call this part of Lake Springfield home. This portion of the lake is closest to Chatham Illinois – although some might claim this is a part of Springfield. I shot the video from our car with the window down. When zoomed in on the American white pelicans resting – the clarity isn’t the best. Showing them in flight turned out decent. Not sure what spooked them – but they were calm one minute then took off in group flight in an instant. Then glided back to their original location.

There was a man and what I assume was his son taking photos of the pelicans from the bank. The man had a very professional looking lens along with a good size camera. About a week after recording this wildlife I saw an article in the State Journal Register with photos of what I’d have to assume are the same birds above. The date given on when those were taken is about five days after I shot this video.

The crane in my video looks to be skateboarding in the water. This is what originally caught my eye and got me starting to record.

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