Chicago Style Polish Las Vegas Strip

Chicago Style Polish Las Vegas Strip

You will find this Chicago Style Polish vendor on the Las Vegas Strip in a parking lot just across from the Riviera Casino. You should keep a few things in mind. This neighborhood isn’t somewhere you want to be walking around on your own. Trust me I did it and wasn’t feeling all that comfortable. It’s also impossible to get here using the Las Vegas Monorail. So you have to walk or take a cab. I got off the monorail at Harrah’s Imperial Palace (LV Monorail station). From there it is a very long walk to this Chicago Style Polish wagon. I’m not able to tell you if the food is worth it since I didn’t eat here. The closest monorail station from the Riviera would most likely be at the Sahara casino and hotel. The walk to the Las Vegas Convention Center station looked to be just as long to me.

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Update 4/25/2010

Normally I don’t address comments I delete. But I’m going to this time around. It’s funny how most people who leave nasty comments are cowards and won’t use their real name. The neighborhood between the Riviera & Wynn didn’t come across as a good neighborhood. There were many people who looked like they wouldn’t mind taking advantage of a tourist. I’m more than aware that a few blocks off the strip worse neighborhoods exist. I’m also aware that downtown Las Vegas isn’t somewhere you want to be by yourself. Lets not even get into the tent cities in North Las Vegas. Just because I may not be a local or spend months out in Vegas is no reason to discount my observation.

I’ve spent plenty of time in large cities. I have seen good and bad life has to offer. Most days I’m a pretty decent judge of character. I stand by what I have written above. I’d also make the same comment about area between Riviera heading to Sahara. Granted homeless guy in Sahara trees out front last year was just looking to get some sleep. Fact is I came across multiple people on my walk in these locations who looked likely to take advantage of tourist.

Pike Place Market in Seattle would be considered safe by many. Yet at night that location becomes less secure – especially for tourist. So I don’t feel my opinion from my walk in Vegas is all that out of line.