Rent a Ferrari on the Las Vegas Strip

Want to rent a Ferrari on the Las Vegas Strip? Head to The Gold Key Shops. This shopping plaza is in what I would consider a less than great neighborhood. If you’re walking from the Encore hotel casino towards the Riviera you’ll come across this Ferrari. I’d venture a guess this really isn’t a tourist friendly part of the Las Vegas Strip. So if you journey this way use caution. Personally if I wanted to rent a super car I’d prefer a Tesla Roadster.

When I was younger I got to ride in a Ferrari Daytona. Until this year when I took a spin in a Tesla Roadster Sport. That was the only super car I had ever experienced.

I’m amazed that the high end cars available for rental at the location above don’t get vandalized or stolen on a regular basis. I’d assume they don’t or the owner wouldn’t have them sitting there.

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Tesla Roadster Sport console

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport price tag

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Enzo Ferrari worked at Alfa Romeo through most of the 1920s before deciding to build his own racing and road cars. After years of modifying and building racing cars using Fiat and Alfa Romeo components, Ferrari set up shop in Maranello, Italy, and produced his own car in 1948.

The silver car pictured in the article below looks similar to the Ferrari Daytona I took a ride in.

Ferrari Daytona – Wikipedia

“In the 1980s, the car gained new notoriety on the first two seasons of NBC’s hit television series Miami Vice. The black car used in the series was a replica built on a Corvette chassis.”

Kim Chi Gold Key Las Vegas 2008

The Gold Key Shops Nick Leonard

The Gold Key Shops Las Vegas Architects and Buildings

“It’s going to take years and years before the North Strip loses its seediness, so to speak,” said Darin Pashaie, a vice president at Golden West Properties, which owns the Gold Key Shops mall and the Royal Resort hotel in the area.”

Las Vegas The plight of the North Strip continues to spiral south