The Creek Chatham IL blasting live music into residential neighborhood again

Once again we are having to deal The Creek here  in Chatham Illinois blasting live music into a residential neighborhood. They have the back door to their kitchen open tonight the live music can clearly be heard through our neighborhood. So much for being responsible business owners. Now on a nice cool evening I have to close our homes windows to reduce the noise. It’s interesting that the security lights behind the shopping plaza haven’t been working for a few weeks now. What is most interesting is the lights are only out by the two restaurants that have been causing issues within the neighborhood. Tonight’s music can clearly be heard in our home even with the windows closed. Once again in Chatham a business gets to break whatever rules they like – while residents have to deal with it. Sadly not the first time this has taken place in this community.

The Creek is blasting music yet again

Chatham IL police dispatchers refuse to deal with noise complaints

It’s now midnight The Creek is still blasting music into our home. Windows are shut I can hear the music clearly. Not one police officer to be seen to enforce this noise violation. Again no  one holding a business owner in this community accountable to not act like a jackass.

Updated 4/242010

Here we go again. It is obvious the City of Chatham Illinois, it’s business owners and I guess it’s citizens don’t care about enforcing laws or making those who do business here follow them. Music is blasting into my home from The Creek again. It is obvious the owners are aware they won’t be held accountable for their anti-social behavior. Of course it doesn’t help that the restaurant has it’s back door open allowing the annoying music to filter out directly into a residential neighborhood and the homes across the street.