Reger Funeral Home Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Reger Funeral Home was on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution the other night. Why is that of interest to me? Because Reger Funeral Home used to be one of my girlfriends clients. Someone alerted her to the fact that the funeral home would be on the show. Honestly this is what got us started watching it. I hadn’t seen any promotion for this television production. So we would have missed it if someone hadn’t mentioned Reger Funeral Home taking part.

In the past I’ve met some of her other clients. Cheryl has never met Patrick Reger. Until a few nights ago I don’t think she had even seen a picture. So for her it was interesting to put a face to a voice. You can read about some previous meetings and my food related articles below. Since Jamie Oliver showcased different styles of food. I’ll provide an interesting mix of options.

Food fruits teas drinks wine snacks seafood meats organic Blenders ovens kitchenware coupons

Iggy is at the Hollywood Casino in Tunica Mississippi

A thank you to Hendricker Funeral Home for the Bears tickets

Embalming Burial Case Company Burlington Iowa

LorLen Candles Wilton Iowa

Tesla Motors Chicago open house food

VerTerra plates bowls serving dishes made from fallen palm leaves

Burlington Route 13593 Caboose revisited

Enjoy life very berry crunch granola

Maine Lobster Game inside Bally’s Las Vegas gone

WaterFront Seafood Grill Pier 70 Seattle

Crab Pot 1301 Alaskan Way Seattle

Man vs Food visits Seattle and Beth’s Cafe

Adam Richman Man V Food getting makeup in Darcy’s Pint parking lot

Galena Cellars Wisconsin Cherry Wine

Porky’s at the 2009 Illinois State Fair

Cheryl was on national television three times tonight

Fried soda pop at the 2009 Illinois State Fair

Billy Goat Tavern & Grill Chicago

Wilton Candy Kitchen

Dyer’s Burgers World Famous Beale St Memphis TN

White Knight Diner Super Sandwich Shop

Chicago Style Polish Las Vegas Strip

Basil’s Harvest at Walnut Grove Farm

Deli Basket Boxes Indiana Carton

Ginger Asian Bistro our second visit

Inside Caitie Girl’s

Denny’s Open 24 Hours Las Vegas Strip

Stop & Go Steamers hamburgers located in eastern Iowa

Side view Big Star Diner Bainbridge Island or is it Richie’s 305 Diner now

Reger Funeral Home

Reger Funeral Home,Inc.

1242 Adams Avenue

Huntington , West Virginia 25704

Phone: (304) 522-2031
Phone: (304) 522-0155
Phone: (877) 522-0155
Fax: (304) 529-4461

Little Gordon offensive but effective marketing

Jamie Oliver (jamie_oliver) on Twitter

Jamie Oliver – Wikipedia

Jamie’s Food Revolution USA Huntington WV Jamie Oliver

Sign the petition Jamie’s Food Revolution USA

Update 4/20/2010

I’m not sure why I thought this episode was the final one. I’d venture a guess it was do to how show ended. There were 2 more episodes after this if I’m remembering correctly. Finale should be next Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

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