Acer Aspire AS7540-1317 Laptop

This Acer Aspire AS7540-1317 laptop will be my project for the next few days. UPS delivered it yesterday. At the moment a complete wipe of the hard drive is being done. Then a clean install of the operating system. Unfortunately all pre-built computers come with to much garbage installed on them. While most consumers could care less. It really is best when possible to do a hardcore format and then start fresh. The Acer above is not my new hardware. It’s for a client – actually my girlfriends niece. So I won’t be getting paid for my time setting up the machine proper. In the past small jobs like this have made me more money than I make here. Although I have some very loyal readers this hasn’t resulted in sales that help pay the bills.

While many would argue that Intel processors are the only way to go for laptops. My opinion is for the price the Acer above provides a good amount of features along with performance. The only negative from the specifications would be the battery life. But at this price point you aren’t going to get an 8 hour battery.

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