How dirty is your computer

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Machine pictured above is a really old computer I built. It was given away a few years back. Once again it is in my care to make it clean and running smoothly. This machine runs a Soyo motherboard. I’d have to do some serious digging to find the actual specifications. I found them – the motherboard is a Soyo 7VBA133U Socket 370 ATX Motherboard. The processor is a Intel Celeron II 1000 MHz. Even when I first put this machine together it was considered outdated. By today’s standards this machine is something from the stone age. I’ll link the full specs below. In it’s current setup this computer has more RAM. When we gave it away I purchased a new case. I still have the original red Chieftec case I installed this system in.

What is aggravating is when you do your best to build someone a good computer with limited funds only to have it returned looking like a dirty rundown mess. This machine wasn’t going to win any awards for speed or design. But if properly cared for and not loaded down with crapware it would provide the owners with a decent ( yet slow ) computing experience. I’m not sure how long it has been since it was ran. When I received it I’d say it hadn’t been cleaned since it was delivered. I did a quick basic cleaning but haven’t booted into Windows yet.

I understand that parents can be busy and life sometimes gets in the way of basics like cleaning. But is it to much to ask that once or twice a year you take a vacuum to your computer? I’m  lazy at times but I give my machine a decent cleanup once a year. Honestly I was surprised the dirty machine above turned on with no problems. You’d think by now I would no longer be amazed when coming across this. Yet each time I see a caked on mess like this I still shake my head.

Anytime I build someone a computer I give them the basics speech. Use security software, don’t load crapware onto your PC, do your security updates and clean your machine once a year. Unfortunately I can’t think of anyone who has taken this advice seriously. All my hard work comes back to me loaded with garbage and looking like the inside of an Amtrak train. So I get stuck cleaning up and fixing the mess. Which would be less aggravating if I was getting paid for the job. In many cases I’m doing family favors and my time to them obviously doesn’t have value. Everyone seems to forget they would be charged anywhere from $50 to several hundred for the service I am providing them.

No I don’t make a ton of money when they purchase parts through me. Rarely do I even see the money paid for those parts. While I don’t have a problem helping people close to me. I would at least like to see them treat my hard work a bit nicer. Keep in mind a few people who have trashed my good work at least pay for the privilege to fix things. Then again they paid me to build their systems to begin with.

Since parent of a young man asked if they could put the machine above to use. I will spend a good portion of my week cleaning it more and then putting operating system in working order. At this time I don’t have funds to build a better computer for him to use. Prices for parts have really come down over years. A decent setup can be put together for less.

Our Dyson Animal vacuum has been getting some serious use cleaning the inside of computers lately.

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