KFC Double Down Is the horseshoe sandwich no longer artery clogging king

Truth be told the Springfield Illinois classic known as a horseshoe sandwich was never artery clogging king. There are many other food creations out there that make the horseshoe look like a salad. But anyone who has ever eaten one would tell you all those fries with cheese and choice of meat can’t be good for you. Although many of us love to eat this hometown favorite that has been featured on national television more than once.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has come out with a new menu item that looks artery clogging. The company seems to have stolen a term from blackjack to give this sandwich it’s name. KFC’s Double Down does nothing to dispel the  view of Americans as a bunch of overweight junk food eating maniacs. I’d venture a guess this calorie buster will taste good though. Granted that might be for a short time only. When fast food joints release a new item it seems to taste good for about a month. Then on later visits it seems like the quality of product goes down.

I’ve not eaten a horseshoe sandwich in a long time. Actually last one I ate is when Adam Richman of Man V Food fame came to Darcy’s Pint. Both myself and girlfriend used to eat them on a regular basis. Neither of us eats super healthy. Over years we have changed what we intake. This year we have dined out less. You can of course find good food choices when you eat outside of home. It’s up to you to make those choices. Like many things in life moderation is probably the best policy when dealing with monster creations like the horseshoe sandwich and KFC’s Double Down.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has definitely gotten serious buzz for this menu addition.

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