Worx Cordless Bundle Worx GT Hedge Trimmer and Worx Air

Our Worx Cordless Bundle was delivered by UPS yesterday. I order our new Worx yard tools last Friday morning. The product was shipped out on Tuesday & arrived on Wednesday. I’ve been needing to purchase these tools for a few months. Last year I broke our Black & Decker Electric Trimmer (ST1000) & Toro rake and vac. The electric trimmer was purchase in 2007 I’m not sure when the rake and vac was bought. For the price we got value out of the trimmer. I sucked something up into the Toro last fall that I probably shouldn’t have. This wasn’t the first time & the small engine decided it had enough. So what you see above was purchased to replace that equipment.

The brown cardboard shipping box was sealed properly. But the box above wasn’t taped fully closed. The top was slightly opened. Nothing inside looked damaged so this wasn’t a major issue. No parts were missing from product container. So the “fun” of laying everything out and deciding how it was suppose to go together started. Getting the Worx Air up and running was no issue – one part simple. The Worx GT 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Trimmer & Edger had a few more parts but I managed to get it put together. There are issues with that product that I will address later.

My day got bad when it came to the Worx 18V Cordless 20″ Hedge Trimmer. You would think with only two parts this wouldn’t cause any problems. Well in my case that would be wrong. There is a handle with one large screw / bolt that holds the item in place. Should be simple enough – place handle on hedge trimmer then insert screw and tighten down. I’d be happy if it had been that easy. When trying to place the handle on you must stretch it slightly. Most people with common sense would think this could break something. Once you have the handle in place it’s time for the screw. But wait – looking at the manual did you figure out which side the handle button should face left or right? Could you easily determine which side the screw¬† should enter from? Maybe this is straightforward to others but it wasn’t to me. Keep in mind I’m typing this on a liquid cooled computer that I built. So you would think I could get two pieces of a handle onto a hedge trimmer. Well obviously I can’t.

Once I had the handle on I inserted the screw & it kept hitting something. It wasn’t going all the way through to the other end. I tried several different ways to rectify this with no luck. To me it seemed as if I had connected everything according to the manual. Later that evening when looking at a blown up PDF version of that manual I still think I’m right about that. Either way in frustration I decided to just insert the screw without the handle to see if it would go in properly. I inserted the screw from the left side and it went in smoothly. Now here is the problem – it is stuck and won’t come back out. What I did was logical – I felt there was something blocking the proper placement of the screw. So I tested this by inserting the screw only. Unfortunately now I’m stuck with a machine I can’t use. I’ll have to contact customer service to try and swap it for a replacement.

So far my opinion of the Italian engineers who designed Worx products is very low. Over the years I have often wondered if companies beta test their products with real people. Some swear they do. I honestly don’t think that is true.

After getting one battery charged I put the Worx Air then the trimmer edger to work. The Worx Air has only one speed. Our blown up corded Toro rac and vac had three. So I could definitely tell a difference in power. Worx Air is compact, lightweight and not as wimpy as some might think. I had no problems moving old, loose and clumped grass. Other debris seemed to move along fine using this product. Although it felt like a slightly slower pace than with the Toro. Keep in mind with the Worx you lose the cord. The Worx Air is also a little less noisy than the Toro. I’d venture a guess that very few cordless models compare equally to corded in regards to speeds offered & power. All that matters in the end is did it get the job done – Worx Air did get everything moved into a pile and off our sidewalk & driveway.

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