Worx Cordless Bundle Worx GT Hedge Trimmer and Worx Air

The Worx GT 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Trimmer & Edger works as advertised for the most part. Honestly I was hoping to have a Dyson experience. Meaning out of the box I found ease of use and loved the product – only to later find a few minor flaws that should have been addressed. Again I have to wonder what those 20 Italian engineers that get hyped in the marketing actually did. I don’t think they took the time to test their ideas with a diverse group of people. If they had I’d venture a guess a few of them would have complained about what I’m going to. My first use of the Worx GT 2-in-1 was awkward. The second go around today didn’t really feel any smoother. Worx marketing hypes ergonomics, length extension and ease of use as major purchasing points for this product. Personally I have found the ergonomics and ease of use frustrating. Even when extended to it’s fullest the Worx GT 2-in-1 still has me leaning in an uncomfortable position. Although the product is fairly lightweight I’m still not fully comfortable using it.

Worx GT trimmer & edger isn’t as easy to maneuver into some spots I’m needing to trim. Our old Black & Decker Electric Trimmer was a smaller lighter unit that I could easily fit into small spaces around the gas main and water hose reel. I had a little better luck today getting the Worx 2-in-1 into this space. So this may be one of those situations where making adjustments and getting used to the product comes into play. Although I’m not giving a positive raving review. I can say this edger trimmer will get the job done. As long as you have a fully charged battery running there is no problem cutting the toughest grasses. Granted my experience so far is two days of use out the box. Over time I’ll have to see how durable this yard tool really is. There are a few things that have me feeling long term longevity may be a problem. The Worx 2-in-1 comes with plastic wheels that are used in edger mode. Most companies choose this option nowadays for cost and ease of production. Personally I don’t think this a good choice for a product you know will be used on concrete. Plastic wheels just seem to wear quickly.

The battery sharing is a big plus with these products. One battery came in a box that had all the information printed on it etc. The second battery came in just a regular cardboard box. Neither battery was fully charged. I didn’t expect them to be and shipping regulations might dictate that they can’t be. Charging the first battery took a little longer than an hour to go green. The power it provided lasted long enough to use the Worx Air and Worx GT 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Trimmer & Edger for a short time. I then had to wait awhile longer for the second battery to fully charge to continue working. Keep in mind this may be normal. In the product manuals it states you may have to use and totally discharge the batteries a few times before they reach maximum performance. Today I used a battery and a 1/2 to complete task I didn’t get done yesterday.

I would fully recommend purchasing the two battery Worx Cordless Bundle. To me it’s worth the extra money. It will save you time and aggravation. Being able to easily swap out one battery forĀ  another saves frustration and wait time. You can charge one while still doing work with the other. Presently charge times seem to be a little longer than one hour. From my reading of the product manuals this is normal. These batteries have thermal protection. You will have to let them cool down after use before charging. They will not charge if to warm.

The big question is after two days of use would I purchase the Worx Cordless Bundle again? I’m on the fence about that right now. With any new product there is a learning curve which can be aggravating. Worx promotes ease of use as a key selling point. Which honestly I’m just not seeing at the moment. After using two out of three products I can state they will get the job done. Switching between trimming and edging isn’t as easy as their infomercials and online marketing make it seem. I can’t say I’m unhappy with the trimming or edging results. Where I’m on the fence is ease of use and functionality. Again I’m wondering who and how this product was tested before it was fully developed. Most people will get past that or not even care. So if getting results in the end is your only concern I’d say add the Worx Cordless Bundle to your list of candidates for purchase.

I consulted the Worxs website yesterday when having issues putting together the the Worx 18V Cordless 20″ Hedge Trimmer. I ventured to the website to review instructional videos on how to use the products. Unfortunately those videos gave me a 404 error when trying to watch them online. Worx includes a DVD of these videos in their packaging. I hesitated using this DVD because most companies force you to install crapware or unneeded software to view these product demonstrations. The PDF versions of Worx product manuals are working on their website. For me it is much easier to view these than the paper manuals that come in the box. Some companies have gone PDF only for manuals. This can be frustrating for people who don’t own computers or are PDF adverse. I used to hate PDF files until I changed my reader software.

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