Worx Cordless Bundle Worx GT Hedge Trimmer and Worx Air

Please keep in mind my opinion is after two days usage. I’m giving you my thoughts from when I unpacked the products and put them to use. My opinion has been known to change. Maybe after a season of use I will be more in tune with these Worx yard tools. They will definitely be getting a workout in our yard this year. I’ll be contacting their support soon to see how to resolve the Worx 18V Cordless 20″ Hedge Trimmer blunder. Hopefully that won’t be a nightmare.

Worx yard tools marketing online and off seems highly geared towards women. It’s sad how most men rate their manhood by noise, power and use of fossil fuels. I’ve expressed all my use concerns to my girlfriend. She even reviewed online Worx videos on YouTube with me. We both analyzed the Worx GT 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Trimmer & Edger together. In the end she understood my viewpoint and agreed with me. Readers can be assured if she had found a solution she would have said hey dummy here is how you are supposed to do it – how did you miss this. That didn’t happen. The one female product pitcher online didn’t have any issues. Then again she has probably been using the product for a long while.

Although I’m not seeing the smooth ease of use and functionality seen in Worx videos and infomercials. I will stress that our lawn has what I feel is a nice edge after using the Worx product. The trimmer function did what it was suppose to and the Worx Air while a little less powerful than our old Toro – it got the sidewalk and driveway clear of debris. So in that regard at this point we got what we paid for. It should be noted that if you are looking for Made in America you will be in for a long wait. Like almost all consumer products nowadays the Worx Cordless Bundle is manufactured in China.

Update 9/21/2017

I wouldn’t purchase or use a Worx yard tool ever again. Durability just isn’t there.

Battery on edger shown on box – never worked. Multiple calls to customer support never resolved problem. They sent a new battery that also never powered the unit.

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