GoDaddy sent me a WordPress security notice

Yesterday GoDaddy sent me an email stating I was running an outdated build of WordPress. This notice explained that this was something that could lead to my website being exploited. The email mentioned that it’s a good security practice to run the most current WordPress version. What is interesting about this – is the fact that I am running the latest build of WordPress. There was a small amount of time where I wasn’t do to having update problems. This was resolved by changing the amount of memory allocated to the software. Before that I was running a 2.8 build.

I’m thinking GoDaddy must be seeing my original WordPress install on their server. I stopped using GoDaddy tools to update WordPress a long time ago. GoDaddy never released newer builds to it’s customers fast enough. So I started using FTP software to update my website when newer versions were made available. Personally I prefer the old fashion method of using FTP.

I’ve written articles several times in regards to WordPress updates and security. That made the email even funnier to me. Because I do my best to stay up to date and to help others do so. I hope that GoDaddy sends these heads up emails to all it’s customers. If done in a timely manner it could help to prevent many headaches do to downtime or lost content.

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