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After several weeks of using the Worx Cordless Bundle I figured it was time to update my opinion of the product. I’m still not sold on the ergonomics of the Worx GT 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Trimmer & Edger. While I have found a way to use the product that works for me. The positioning is still not very back friendly and the safety guard isn’t positioned to do it’s job when using the angle I prefer. I’ve gotten used to the unit a bit more and have resolved some of my original use issues. But I’m starting to have concerns in regards to long term durability. The handles on the Worx GT 2-in-1 are starting to wear heavily. This is taking place even though I wear thick gloves every time I use this yard tool.

Although the overall durability of the Worx GT 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Trimmer & Edger is making me wonder if I made the right purchase choice. I can’t say that the trimmer edger doesn’t do it’s job. I’ve put the product to the test multiple times now in our yard. Even with my initial use concerns I prefer the Worx 2-in-1 over our old Black & Decker Electric Trimmer. Although the older unit was much lighter in regards to weight – my preference is now the Worx cordless unit. I think the quality of the cut from the unit would satisfy most customers.

My opinion of the Worx Air hasn’t changed much. It could use a little more power. The Worx Air isn’t going to move wet grass easily. Anything that is dry will of course be moved with ease using this product. I think most people expect their blower to be able to move wet grass. I’d say the Worx Air works as advertised but has some limitations.

Battery charge times have been more than reasonable. Even with two batteries I still seem to be cutting it close on power. I think our yard is average size. But I still have the anxiety of running out of juice for the Worx GT & Air. I have to remember to always have one battery on the charger. Not a big enough concern that I wouldn’t buy the product. Although if money wasn’t an issue I think I would prefer to buy the Lithium WORX GT Trimmer/Edger with a charge time of 30 minutes.

Do to me having an issue putting together the handle for the 20″ 18V Cordless HT Hedge Trimmer. Cheryl got to test Worx customer service. She came away a little less than impressed. The person on the phone somewhat hounded her in regards to if instructions in the manual were followed. She had to explain the issue three times before being told she would get an email with a shipping label to send the product back. Here is where Worx has shined so far. The company provided a pre-paid UPS label for shipping back to them. The email arrived next day.

Looking at the UPS tracking number the package was received by Worx on Tuesday of this week. No notice was given that they had taken receipt of the shipment. Unfortunately at the moment the 20″ 18V Cordless HT Hedge Trimmer is listed as out of stock on their website. So I’m thinking it will be a bit before a replacement is shipped out to us. The WORX ECO 24V Cordless 19″ Lawnmower I have been interested in has also been listed as out of stock for a long time now. Not sure if this is an indication of problems in the manufacturing supply chain. Or if Worx is in the process of introducing new products to replace these.

Although customer service is listed as having weekend hours. We were unable to get anyone to answer the phone during the working hours listed.

The question is would I buy Worx products again? At this point I’d say ask me in a year. There are some things I’m not completely happy with. But so far the results obtained when using these products have been satisfactory. Customer service at this point has been better than other companies I have dealt with in the past. But I’m still on the fence in regards to long term durability of the products.

Update 9/21/2017

I wouldn’t purchase or use a Worx yard tool ever again. Durability just isn’t there.

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15 thoughts on “Worx yard tools customer service ease of use durability”

  1. Three months ago I purchased your cordless weed whacker and trimmer. (three easy payments) The battery now blinks “red” when I attempt to charge it. This indicates I have a “failed battery” as the manual states.

    I’ve always been leary about buying this type of commodity on line.

    How will you rectify my problem? Who can I call?

    The third payment hasn’t even been made yet and the Worx has failed already.

    I have a number of friends who have asked me about your product. Thus far, my reviews have been less than favorable for obvious reasons.

  2. This is not the WORX website. If you clicked on the square ad above these comments on page 1 you would be directed to the WORX site. You could then contact their support for help in regards to your problem.

    So far I’ve had no problems with the 2 batteries I purchased. My article above detailed the problems I have seen with the WORX product. I’m just sharing my experience with readers.

    I’m not sure anyone from WORX keeps an eye on the articles I’ve done in regards to their product line. So your best option would be to head to their website or give their support phone number a call.

  3. I bought and used and retn’d all w/in the 30 day trial period.
    I paid 1 payment of $79 and was refunded $26.89 – less the shipping charges… BOTH ways. $26.12 was shipping – to send TO me; and then $13.06 shipping to return to THEM.

    I returned bc the battery only lasted 15 minutes TOPS, I was informed the battery would last longer the more I used it, but didnt want to return PAST the 30 days.

    I would NOT recommend this product!

  4. I bought the trimmer on 5/14/10. At least that was when I was charged for it.
    We received it about 6 days later, we discovered this was the product that was mentioned on the commercial. My husband does landscaping and this was a gift for him. He told me then its not going to cut it. So instead of continueing payment I requested a refund. I had to call get angry just to get a UPS return sticker. No receipt of the return. I waited 3 weeks and called again waiting for refund. After a month I called mad as hell, they told me I was credit $67.00 for my refund on June 15, less than than $97, I was charged to begin with. As of today I have not received my refund and another payment of $32. was taken from my account on July 11, I am trying to contact our local TV New station and see if they can help me with refund. The product is not what it seems to be, and customer service, well what can I say, they are the worst people to deal with.

    angry customer
    Norma, for Granite Bay, CA.

  5. After numerous times of calling and not getting a person to answer my call, I’m hoping someone will respond to this email. I need some info on my balance

  6. I was a little pessimistic when I ordered the WORX GT cordless trimmer/edger and most comments that I read showed dissatisfaction from customers. well, just like the curious chicken I bought the unit anyway and my fears were realized as soon as I put to work. For one, highly touted ‘helix’ string kept breaking and before that first charge died out(approx 22 min), the entire roll was used up. I used all the rolls within the next two or three uses and resulted in winding regular trimmer string into the tiny rolls which worked better than the helix. I am certain that i have not used the unit more than eight times and the Lithium battery has died.
    After reading all of the complains of disgruntled customers as relating to attempts to get compensation refund, I have just decided not to even bother. I am going to break the unit and toss the junk out with the trash. WORX has done the TV marketing a great disservice in that some customer like myself will not absolutely trust buying anything from this infomercials.
    Anyone wanting to purchase this item should go to the nearest Home depot where you might be able to obtain a refund if the item turns out to be a dud like mine.

  7. I was satisfied with the unit the first month.I had bought the stand by batteries and charger but they were dead with in 10 minuts of use.I can get no response from the company.

  8. I’ve actually been wanting to do an updated article on this subject. Honestly our customer service experience with WORX the past few months has been positive. I’ll try to get a new article with more details done this week.

    I haven’t come across the battery nightmares that others report. This may be a difference between the type of battery being used. I’m using the older type battery. I could see where customers could complain about charge times. With any battery technology that will be a common complaint.

    Normally with a fully charged battery I can a good majority of our yard trimmed & edged. Towards the end I have to swap to a second battery to finish and to use the blower. I’ve come across situations were it would be nice to own a second charger. But this is rare.

  9. We are trying to get in touch with your company to get a return label and apparently over a 100 others are to. The reason for returning is we are able to only trim about 150 feet and your advertisement said they trimmed around a foot ball field twice and that is a lot more than 150 feet.So your TV add is misleading.

  10. As I stated in a previous comment above. THIS IS NOT the Worx website. I do not work for the company. The article above is my opinion as a customer who has owned and used Worx yard tools.

    I’ve never had a problem contacting Worx phone support as long as it was during the week. If I remember correctly the company doesn’t offer weekend customer support hours.

    I think my experience with Worx products is described clearly within the article and further details given here in comments. I’ve not seen the battery issues or customer support problems others have reported.

    Customer support staff have always been courteous, polite and helpful over the phone. Long time readers of this site know I’ll tell you when companies don’t provide a decent customer experience.

    Unfortunately I can’t be of any help to those of you who have encountered problems – because I DO NOT work for the company.

    You can use the link below to head to the Worx’s website. From there you should be able to contact their support services for further help.

    Give your lawn or garden a makeover this new year. Buy only WORX Outdoor Tools & get big savings.

  11. I bought a worx trimmer a few years ago and had free access to spools when I ran out. Well I’m out of line and need more spools. In the past week I have called four times and always get a number of my place in line. It has never been lower than 60. I have more to do than sit on a phone for an undetermined amount of time waiting for assistance. I am very disappointed in customer service. When I go on line, as they suggest, I cannot find anywhere you can get information on how to order more spools. This is frustrating and poor business. I guess I’ll have wait until fall to do my trimming.

  12. At least you can get the Worx website to show for you. I’ve had no luck accessing the site for about a month now using my affiliate link.

    On the Worx’s website just look for the spools. You can put these into your purchase cart and you should not be charged anything but shipping. I ordered my replacement spools last year using this method with no problems from the website.

    Give your lawn or garden a makeover this new year. Buy only WORX Outdoor Tools & get big savings.

    Last month when we used phone support there was no problem getting a customer service representative to answer. There was a wait unfortunately – honestly I can’t recall how long the wait time was.

  13. Margot Lindsey

    I also bought the Worx grass trimmer in 2010 it worked fine the first year, but this year the Battery wont hold the charge more then 5 minutes. I have tried to call Customer Service and it is almost impossible to talk to a live person. After 4 frustrating hours on the phone I gave up totally exhausted mentally. I understand this product is defective and the guarantee has been extended for a replacement free of charge, but try to claim one from an animated voice on the phone, or no answer at all. They just keep giving you another number to call . I am also hoping someone will respond to my e mail.

  14. I ordered my trimmer 2 years ago and I have no problem The problem is when you need new battery .

  15. I have a Order number confirmation ( order number removed ) that was placed on July 1, 2011 and cannot find out when it will be shipped to me. Please e-mail me an answer or telephone number that I can call. Thank You Charles Lucas

    Moderator edit – this is not the WORX website. I have no way of helping you with customer service related issues. It’s a good idea to never publish order numbers, shipping tracking numbers, emails or similar information publicly for security reasons. I’m sorry I can’t be of any help resolving your customer service issue. But I do not work for WORX.

    The official WORX website should have an area to input your order number to receive an update on the status of the shipment.

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