What your computer should not look like

I’ve covered this topic a few times. But here is another example of what your computer should not look like. When I built this machine it went to it’s new owner nice and clean. The components weren’t top of the line then and are even less so now. However if this machine is properly taken care of and not loaded with a ton of crapware it will provide a great computing experience for many years. Unfortunately this machine came back to me with a lot of garbage software installed. That would have been frustrating by itself but easy to fix with a hardcore format of the hard drive.

Not only was my advice in regards to watching what got installed not listened to. My wisdom of taking a vacuum to the computer once a year also was ignored. What I received back was a computer with so much caked on dust most of the cooling fans barely moved. I spent several days cleaning this machine. It was almost a total rebuild just to make sure all the parts were working and clean. I thought the fan on the heatsink was working properly. But when I got it back into the case it didn’t sound right. I’ll be ordering a replacement.

A lot of work and time for a project that wasn’t appreciated the first time around. I’m not being compensated for my time. I don’t mind helping people out. But when my hard work comes back to me looking like this – it makes me question if in the future I should just have them use someone else. Maybe after having to pay the high cost a computer shop or Best Buy Geek Squad would charge they will learn to appreciate my efforts.

It took our Dyson and a lot of Qtips to get this machine back in working order. A very clean computer will be heading back home once a wipe of the hard drive and installing the operating system takes place. That is on hold until I receive my part order.

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