Did eco-terrorists blow up Gulf of Mexico oil rig

I don’t like the idiot known as Rush Limbaugh. But recently I was surprised at how much criticism he was given for suggesting eco-terrorists may have caused the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion. Is it really that big of a stretch to understand how this could have been the work of environmental terrorist to send a message? It wouldn’t be the first time extremist have caused destruction to get their point across.

I highly doubt the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is the work of eco-terrorists. Any true environmentalist wouldn’t want to cause destruction to the oceans, wildlife, natural habitats and cause hardworking people to lose their jobs. I’m still amazed at how upset one online website got when it was suggested as a scenario. With the Obama administration basically selling out to Big Oil with their recent “compromise”. It wouldn’t surprise me if some people felt the need to take extremist measures to prove a point.

Unfortunately what we have seen after each oil spill is no change. The mindset of the American public refuses to change no matter how many times the planet and peoples livelihoods are destroyed. I’m sure when gas prices go up we will hear people start to bitch and moan again. A few of them might even consider making changes in their lives to reduce oil usage. The majority will just scream that we should be drilling everywhere in the United States to meet our demand for oil. These citizens are to stupid to understand the negative effects of this no matter how many times they are shown. What is really interesting is that these people are to stupid to see oil drilled in the USA isn’t really American oil.

From what I have seen there are still a few American oil companies in business. But the big oil companies are mostly foreign owned conglomerates. While the oil may come from American soil or waters – the money made from this nasty fossil fuel travels out of country. There may be some jobs for US workers. I’d tend to bet foreign companies would prefer to use a workforce from other countries. So other than more man-made disasters I’m not sure what benefit is achieved by more drilling in the USA.

A few decades ago the United States had a chance to move away from oil usage. Mandates and programs were in place that would have made our country energy strong. Our continued reliance on foreign resources to power our nation is a security risk. We have the ability to be energy independent without the use of fossil fuels. It seems no matter how many oil crisis or environmental disasters take place Americans are unwilling to change.

With this latest disaster I’m sure we will once again find companies who were running unsafe equipment. My opinion is neither the oil, gas or coal industries take the safety of hardworking employees seriously. Agencies that are supposed to enforce rules and regulations never seem to be doing so. These agencies are always full of excuses as to why they aren’t doing their job. Oil and coal companies swear they take worker safety seriously. History up to present day tells a different story.

Even if you could care less about the environment. You would think most everyone would care about people. Want to see the future of the southern coastal States? Look to Alaska. What you will see is people who were never properly compensated for their losses. You will see suicides, divorces, health issues and a loss of work. Exxon will state they met their burden in Alaska. Just as BP will say they are doing in the Gulf of Mexico. Again history and the people affected tell a completely different story.

Oil crazy Texas and many Arab Nations have seen the writing on the wall. Both have started to make investments in clean energy resources. If the countries selling the most oil are making changes to reduce use of their product that should tell you something. Sadly most of the American public could care less. I’m not sure if it is stupidity, ignorance or both that cause the majority to not see a change needs to take place.

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