Did eco-terrorists blow up Gulf of Mexico oil rig

Presidency of Jimmy Carter Energy crisis

1979 energy crisis – Wikipedia

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill – This is going to be real bad

Oil Blow Out In The Gulf – We hit 4 million barrels today

Gulf oil spill: Industry executives grilled in Senate

Gulf oil spill hearing – as it happened

Gulf beaches open despite oil spill – BP-funded ads

We had a contingency plan for Louisiana spill, and it’s working, BP chief tells angry senators

Fishing ban extended west as Gulf spill spreads

Big Oil Profits, We Pay.

U.S. senators blast oil execs over spill, safety

BP ships second containment dome to Gulf spill site

BP Hearing: Fingers Point While Oil Spews

Gulf oil spill: Companies’ fingerpointing falls flat

Evening Buzz: Oil Spill Blame Game

‘Top hat’ dome at Gulf of Mexico oil spill site – BP

Must See Aerial Footage of BP Oil Spill Shows ‘The Gulf Bleeding’ (Video)

What New With Oil Spill Today – The last oil Blow Out in the gulf Lasted 9 months

Top 10 Countries Killing the Planet

Deepwater Horizon blowout preventer ‘faulty’ – Congress

First Underwater Images of the Gulf Oil Leak (What BP Won’t Show You)

Chavez Uses Twitter to Announce Sinking of Natural Gas Platform

Venezuelan natural gas platform sinks in Caribbean

Worst Oil Spill in US History

Obama is allowing oil drilling!

Obama Oil Drilling Plan: East Coast, Alaska Waters Could Open For Drilling

70,000 Barrels or 5,000? What Did BP Know and When Did They Know It?

Your Oil Spill Is Still Growing, America – Oilpocalypse

Barack Obama: No more cosying up to oil industry

BP chief backs oil drilling in wake of US disaster

Central Command Turns To Twitter To Solve The Gulf Oil Spill. Uh Oh.

Feds: BP’s mile-long oil tube ‘not a solution to the problem’

The “Other Spill:” US EPA Proposes New Rules for Coal Fly Ash Disposal

Rep. Markey Calls For Live Video Streaming of BP Spill

BP Greed Equates To Malice Aforethought

Bobby Jindal Has Some Pictures Of Oil For Brit Hume To Look At

Canadian Tar Sands Will Be US’ Largest Imported Oil Source in 2010: Ecologically Destructive & Immoral

BP Admits They Underestimated The Amount Of Oil Leaking As More Washes On Shore

BP denies botching Gulf of Mexico clean-up

Infographic: Nantucket Windfarm vs. Gulf Oil Spill, Which Impacts the Environment More?

Less Toxic Dispersants Lose Out in BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Kirk: Better plans needed before oil wells drilled

What Investors are Learning From The BP Oil Spill

Presidential commission to probe Gulf oil spill

BP resumes bid to plug Gulf oil leak as pressure mounts

Flow Rate Group Preliminary Best Estimate Puts Oil Flow from Deepwater BP Well Between 12,000 and 19,000 Barrels per Day

BP Station in SoHo to be “Occupied” by Protest of Costumed Sea Creatures Tonight!

Costumed Sea Creatures To Occupy NYC BP Station Tonight

ExxonMobil Shareholders Demand Natural Gas Fracking Risk Assessment

Top Kill Fails, BP Still Searching For Answers to Stop the Flow

Homeland Security Had Proposed Cutting Emergency Response Budget Before Gulf Spill

BP Protesters in NYC Hit the Streets (PHOTOS)

Additional BP documents show safety problems

BP Knew of Deepwater Horizon Problems 11 Months Ago

Documents Show Early Worries About Safety of Rig

Our Fix-It Faith and the Oil Spill

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