Broadvox Direct VOIP 911 profiles being activated

If your a customer of Broadvox Direct VOIP service. You might want to check to see if your 911 profile needs activated.

Voice over IP » [Broadvox Direct] E911, NEW – Provisioning in Process

Voice over IP » [Broadvox Direct] 911 Profiles

I think the way they have handled things has done nothing but confuse some customers. I'd say that telling us one minute to accept the new TOS that mentioned all the bad things that could happen when using VOIP with no 911 service. And sending out stickers to put on your phone announcing that 911 could not be dialed from it. Then in the end releasing a 911 service. This to me seems like an easy way to confuse the consumer. Maybe I've not looked in the right places. But to me it doesn't seem the company is try to clear up any of the confusion.

Saturday,   July   23,   2005  

Important information will be presented to you this coming week regarding 911 Emergency Service

Alert…911 Warning. and the continuance of your VoIP Service with us. You  will be asked to read our disclosure statement about the limitations of our current 911 Emergency Service implementation and you will be asked to acknowledge your understanding of any service limitations when calling 911 from your Broadvox VoIP enabled telephone/s. You will be receiving an E-Mail notification from us with the subject line saying; “Time sensitive action required to continue your Broadvox VoIP telephony service“. You will be asked to visit your web User Portal and login. Upon entering your username and password you will be prompted to read the new disclosure and acknowledge your receipt, understanding, and agreement to continue using the service with the current 911 limitations. Rejection of the service, as currently delivered with Limited 911, will cause the subsequent cancellation of service at the end of your next billing cycle following July 29th 2005. Should we get no response from you by July 29th 2005 we may be forced to disrupt/suspend your service until we can get your affirmative acknowledgement or rejection/cancellation of our 911 Disclosure. If you have any questions regarding our 911 limitations please forward those requests to [email protected]


“Provisioning of the 911 service is fully automated and will start in about a week. You can look at your profiles and in the 'grid' you will see a brief status indication, and if you select a profile you will notice near the bottom a more detailed description. Additionally you will receive email confirmation 'soon' with any changes to your profiles, addition of profiles, and status change information.”


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