Nissan LEAF reservation complete

From what I can see currently the Nissan LEAF website doesn’t offer a summary page where you can obtain the exact details of what you reserved.

By releasing the LEAF only in States where some infrastructure is in place. Nissan feels this is the best case scenario for success. The company has failed to see this just enforces the stereotypes consumers have in regards to electric vehicles. That they need special resources in place to be of any use. Most Nissan LEAF owners could get by with just charging at home nightly. So no need to have massive amounts of charging stations in place for the product release. Having charging stations is important to long term success. But not a must have for the car to meet the needs of it’s owners.

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Anyone Get a RESERVE invitation for the Nissan Leaf?

A few morons decided to make wisecracks in the forum thread above. I’m sure my reply to them will be promptly deleted. So I’ll include my thoughts here.

Many of the comments above really show how clueless the general population is. It is also very obvious they haven’t bothered to educate themselves before speaking?

Let me ask you a question gas junkies – Do you like terrorist? Because there is evidence you may be supporting them every time you fill up.

Do you like living in a country that can’t provide itself with it’s own energy? Are you happy to rely upon foreign resources to power your car & in minor cases your home?

Maybe you will love increased seafood prices and higher health care cost brought on by the many disasters your oil addiction has led to. Not to mention the various environmental issues oil and gas drilling have caused. Care to visit some of the people made sick by oil and gas production?

Anyone want to know why the United States is in the dark ages still using fossil fuels and getting it’s butt kick in regards to technology? Read the clueless comments above.

By the way the size of your engine and how loud it is doesn’t mean you have bigger manhood. But I’m sure your aware a properly designed electric vehicle will smoke almost any “super car” off the line.

2 thoughts on “Nissan LEAF reservation complete”

  1. I just reserved mine! Conserned that demand may leave me LEAF-less in 2010. Where did you see the number of reservations?

  2. There have been several articles done by traditional press in regards to reservation numbers. I linked a few of those here. The actual number has varied. The thing to keep in mind is how many of the current reservations will turn into actual sales. It’s easy to put down a $100 to reserve your spot. It becomes more of a commitment when purchase or lease time shows up.

    It would make me happy to see all the LEAF inventory purchased. That would show there is a demand for electric cars. This might make other manufacturers take notice and follow the lead.

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