Nissan LEAF reservation complete

What is really funny is the comments above act like a gas power car has never been towed for running out of fuel.

I’m going to add a comment that isn’t included in that forum thread.

These people are obviously so clueless they have never seen the solar powered mobile quick charging stations being developed. They act as if gas stations were everywhere when the gasoline engine became the standard instead of electric. They are obviously to stupid to realize that the automobile started out as an electric. Only when fossil fuel became a cheap economic alternative did gasoline vehicles start to take off in the market.

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Even Robert James Woolsey Jr. former Director of Central Intelligence and head of the Central Intelligence Agency knows relying upon gasoline is bad for the United States as a nation.

R. James Woolsey, Jr. – Wikipedia

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2 thoughts on “Nissan LEAF reservation complete”

  1. I just reserved mine! Conserned that demand may leave me LEAF-less in 2010. Where did you see the number of reservations?

  2. There have been several articles done by traditional press in regards to reservation numbers. I linked a few of those here. The actual number has varied. The thing to keep in mind is how many of the current reservations will turn into actual sales. It’s easy to put down a $100 to reserve your spot. It becomes more of a commitment when purchase or lease time shows up.

    It would make me happy to see all the LEAF inventory purchased. That would show there is a demand for electric cars. This might make other manufacturers take notice and follow the lead.

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