Was it an arrest or a public beating

While doing yard work today a black Dodge Charger pulled up & parked by a house for sale in our neighborhood. Now most people would just assume this was someone looking at the house. This is also why most people miss things going wrong in their neighborhood. At first I thought it was the vehicle that normally booms it’s music on the way to one of the restaurants located in The Plaza. So I figured I might be in for a confrontation. I did my best to keep my eye on the vehicle while mowing and trimming.

At some point the vehicle took off without me noticing. Just a bit after a man on a small bicycle rides behind The Plaza. I didn’t ever recall seeing this person in our area before. Definitely not on a small bike. I took my eyes off him as he rode down the alley next to the large drainage ditch. A few moments later I turn back to look at what seems to be two men attacking this person by the ditch fence.

I wasn’t extremely concerned because the men were dressed in what I would consider police attire. Yes they were in suits – but you could tell they were either well dressed gangsters or undercover cops. I didn’t stick around to see how long the struggle to get the man in cuffs took. I calmly walked back into the house and made a phone call. From what I was told later it would seem no one who answers phones at Chatham Police Dispatch were aware a fugitive or criminal was being tracked locally today.

When I went back out it looked as if the man was in cuffs sitting up against the fence with who I’d assume was a police officer. I sat in the garage for a bit ignoring the situation. The next time I looked out the Chatham Fire & Rescue Paramedic vehicle was on scene. It looked like a few local squad cars had made it to the scene by then.

I’m not sure at what point a few civilian vehicles showed up. I’d assume from what I saw they knew the person being arrested. I could only guess as to why an arrest was taking place. It could have been immigration related. But the struggle to get the suspect under control seemed a bit to rough for that. The person being arrested looked to be putting up a fight. This is why I wasn’t fully sure what was going on at first.

This easily could have been a situation of someone lying in wait to harm someone who owed them money or they just wanted to hurt. Only the suits had me thinking otherwise. What this confirms is cause and effect. When you have neighbors who don’t show concern for what goes on in their neighborhood bad things start to take place. None of my neighbors including my landlord who were out when this took place seemed concerned. I’d venture a guess the landlord and lady across the street ( who may have my FedEx package ) didn’t even give the Dodge Charger a second glance. The Comcast Cable guy who lives a few doors down didn’t look at all concerned. Then again his kid just came home blasting his music with the windows down. So I shouldn’t be surprised by his lack of concern.

When you show no concern about people or businesses continually blasting music into your home – it’s no surprise what you end up getting in return. Last year I told my landlord several times that they should keep a closer eye on things because something wasn’t right. As usual I get the look like yea right what does this paranoid moron know. Less than a week later we had several car break-ins. People can never seem to understand that you need to do your best to be aware of what goes on around you. If you take the blinders off it is amazing at what you can see.

If you continue to allow people to disrespect your neighborhood with excessive noise and other anti-social behavior. In the end the bad people will see a prime target. It’s not being paranoid – it’s common sense. You don’t need a degree in criminology or carry a gun with badge to figure this out. What frustrates me is people who own homes in this area care less about it than a person who rents.