Recycling PUR water filter

A few manufacturers of water filters have started recycling programs. From what I’ve read PUR is not one of these companies. To me it just makes sense that efforts should be made to allow consumers to recycle these filters. Debate has taken place in regards to the true value of such a program. Some people argue that recycling is more resource intensive than new manufacturing. Personally I feel as many products as possible should be made cradle to cradle. Or at at the very least have a two use minimum.

The first step is putting a recycling program in place. Hopefully the product has been designed with reuse in mind. Part of the problem is many products are designed with a one use mentality. This just adds more trash to the waste stream. With any recycling program checks & balances should be in place to make sure reuse is happening. eWaste collection is an example of a good idea that has seen some abuse. When no oversight takes place there will always be someone willing to not play by the rules.

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