Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar

Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar

Made my first batch of Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar tonight. This was also the first time I put our t-sac purchase to use. Cheryl did some math last night and decided we would need 11 teaspoons for each gallon jug we made using loose leaf tea. Tonight I used eight cupfuls for one t-sac. This amount of tea seemed to fill the mesh sack to a similar amount as the pre-made bags. There is a measuring spoon included within the loose leaf packaging.

The t-sac baggies aren’t self sealing. So I twisted the top into a slight knot before placing the bag into our jug. I then followed the instructions on the back of our Mighty Leaf Tea tins for brewing. Organic African Nectar is a flavor we hadn’t purchased previously. I’m drinking my second cup of the evening. I’d prefer a stronger flavor profile. For me the Mighty Leaf teas I’ve drank in the past are just a little to subtle.

I had the same complaint about Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Tea. There was no strong peach flavor in that tea. I can’t find that product on the Mighty Leaf website now. Keep in mind my taste buds do seem to differ from others. My feeling is tea is very similar to coffee and wine. You will have connoisseurs or what I like to call uppity snobs who will swear your flavor palate is way off the mark.

Honestly one of the reasons I have put off making monthly purchases of Mighty Leaf Tea is the learning curve. The proper way to brew. Along with what teas would be most pleasing to my taste. I still haven’t purchased a proper tea kettle. That is on the list of things to buy soon.

While I may not agree with the tea descriptions or many reviewer comments. What I can state is every time I’ve opened a Mighty Leaf Tea tin or packet the aroma has been wonderful. Your sense of smell is really engaged when you open the packaging.

Organic African Nectar might not pack the punch I’m looking for. But I’m pleased enough with it that I would purchase it again. Cheryl took a sip and seemed to like it. So I consider that another thumbs up.

All our tea is brewed using filtered water from our refrigerator.

The only negative really is the packaging above can’t be recycled.

Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar packaging back

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