Mighty Leaf Island Breeze tea refill package

Here is the refill pack for Mighty Leaf Island Breeze tea. This package allows you to reuse any tea tin you may have purchased in the past. While the packaging above is not recyclable. The refill pack should help to reduce shipping cost and tea tin waste. I recently asked readers for tips on how to recycle or reuse old food tins. I’d forgotten that Mighty Leaf offers refill packs for their containers.

Island Breeze doesn’t fully agree with my taste buds. But I liked it enough to purchase another batch. I didn’t want to explore a bunch of new tea flavors. Unfortunately I couldn’t find Ginger Peach Tea for sale on the Mighty Leaf website. So in the end I had to take a risk and purchase a few new blends. Organic African Nectar was one of those. I brewed a gallon of it yesterday and liked the taste. Wild Blackberries and Hibiscus Berry are the other two flavors I bought last week. I’ll probably brew the Wild Blackberries for my next batch.

I’ll include pictures of the original Mighty Leaf Island Breeze tea tin and the back of the refill pack.

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