Vtech VT-CS6219-2 Cordless Phone System

I recently purchased Vtech cordless phone system above to replace an aging set of old Vtech phones. I’m not sure exactly how many years we owned previous set. I tried to find a manufactured date with no luck. I’d venture a guess that we have had them for 7 or 8 years. Phones we used before that were made by Panasonic.

Old Vtech 2435 dual cordless phone system is still working. One phone has a scrambled LED readout.Main base station no longer wants to charge phones. All charging had to take place on secondary station for about a year now. Both phones still make and receive calls. Neither holds a charge for very long. This may be do to needing a new set of batteries.

Vtech VT-CS6219-2 Cordless Phone System above is smaller and lighter weight than older unit. That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering technology advancements. So far I’m very pleased with this purchase. If we get same durability as before I’ll be even happier.

There aren’t that many new features compared to older unit. Vtech VT-CS6219-2 does have an intercom system. Which can save a bit on yelling as a form of household communication. Main base station takes up less space. I’m happy with call quality. These phones work well with our Phone Power VOIP.

At this point I haven’t ran into any usage problems. I’d like to have capability of changing name of each phone. Default is handset 1 and 2. That of course is a very minor thing that very few customers would be concerned about. Both phones charged to full in a decent amount of time out of box. Phone units so far seem to hold a charge when not on base station. Our old Vtech 2435 were showing age and needing charged once a day.

Paid $35 for Vtech VT-CS6219-2. Very inexpensive price for 2 phones with decent product features.

Like almost all electronics manufactured today these phones are Made in China.

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