Xoxide messes up my order

Xoxide messes up my order

Xoxide literally messed up my most recent order. In the past I’ve never had any issues doing business with Xoxide. But when I received my latest shipment yesterday I was less than pleased. I ordered 2 PrimoChill UV Purple DYEBOMBs with a Thermaltake Flow TX Plus Flow Meter w/ Water Temperature Indicator. The DYEBOMBs weren’t placed in enclosed packaging to stop leaking. The tips weren’t taped off either. As you can see from the picture above one of the DYEBOMB caps obviously came loose. Maybe this was my punishment for my recent complaint.

Lately the Xoxide website hasn’t listed out of stock items. Only after adding an item to your cart do you find out the in-stock status. On my last 2 visits to their website I left without everything I wanted to purchase. Each time only finding out something was out of stock after adding it to my cart. So maybe this exploding DYEBOMB is the companies way of saying thank you for expressing my frustration.

In the past I have never had a problem receiving PrimoChill UV DYEBOMBs from Xoxide. This is the first time I have opened an order to find dye all over the shipping package, purchased products & invoice. Now lets take another look above. Do the PrimoChill UV DYEBOMBs say purple on them? Nope – they say black. Not sure how black will look purple in my liquid cooled system. In the past I have ordered mostly red. I purchased green at least once. I’m currently running red in my machine now. Speaking of PrimoChill – Xoxide was out of that. I don’t think I have enough here to refill my PC after a minor rebuild.

My current Thermaltake Flow TX Plus Flow Meter w/ Water Temperature Indicator is running patched. A bit of super glue & duct tape is all that is stopping it from leaking. When I did some tube rerouting a few months back I had an issue removing the flow meter. I screwed the fittings on to tight during the original install. At the time I didn’t have the proper tool to resolve this problem without stripping a few threads. I didn’t think the damage was that severe until I filled my liquid cooling system back up. I’m just now getting around to purchasing a new Thermaltake Flow TX Plus Flow Meter w/ Water Temperature Indicator to resolve the problem.

The 3/8″ Black Y Splitter are hopefully going to help me route my tubing more effectively. I’ve got four feeds going into my 2 Thermaltake AquaBay M4 Hard Drive Waterblocks. I’m hoping to reduce 4 tubes into 2 on each side instead of having a circular routing from one drive block to the other.

Along with finishing 2 other PC builds I’ve got some major work ahead of me. I’ll probably start everything midweek. I’m waiting on a couple parts I ordered yesterday.

In the past my customer experience with Xoxide has been a good one. My most recent shipment has me feeling a bit more care should be taken when sending out orders. I had a slight mess on my hands yesterday because someone obviously felt the dye bombs couldn’t loosen and leak during transport. I’m still trying to figure out how black will look purple. I won’t be wasting the dye bombs. I’ll put the black to use and see what results I get.

Yes I realize we all can have bad days. But honestly this mistake has me on the defensive about doing business with Xoxide. It’s the simple things that can make or break a customer relationship.

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