Cleaned rebuilt parts added sent back to the owner

In a previous article I detailed all the drama in getting this machine cleaned and back in top shape. This computer is now back with it’s owner who will probably just trash this gift. Honestly they don’t have a clue how powerful of a PC they were given. I mentioned before that most of the new parts inside that case weren’t purchased by the owner/user. I’d venture a guess that in less than 6 months this machine will be loaded with garbage software and be caked in dust.

This is my first time working with a Thermaltake Frio Dual 120mm Universal CPU Cooler. As you can see it is a monster. I think out of the box both fans should be pre-installed. It only has one cooling fan attached when left in it’s original configuration. I would have preferred to have a fan on the right side. But with the smaller motherboard one memory module ( RAM ) couldn’t be installed when a fan was located in that position.

The motherboard is an Asus M2N68-AM Plus. This board is running a DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2600 MHz central processor ( CPU ). For memory I used CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB PC8500 DDR2 1066MHZ (2X2GB). I honestly don’t know many people who would be unhappy to have this machine as their own. If not abused by the owner this is a computer that will give you years of computing pleasure. Then again the last computer I built them should have done that. In less than a couple of years it was thrashed and trashed.

I’d never claim the machine above left my care spotless. But I can state it was cleaned inside and out. I mentioned previously that process took about three days.

This computer now makes a lot less noise. Previously I had a good amount of fans installed in it. I had to remove the side case fan do to the height of the CPU cooler. The small RAM and video card coolers were more trouble than they were worth. If I remember right all but one were burnt out do to excessive dust. So even if I had wanted to use them I couldn’t.

Except for the case most of what you see above is all upgraded parts. The working old parts from this machine got used to build a computer for this persons nephew. That machine is ready to be brought online when I’m giving the thumbs up to deliver it.

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