Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal went in for repairs

Our Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal finally made it to the repair shop to have the cord replaced. Recently the Dyson seemed to not be performing up to it’s original standard. I was seeing less debris in the container after vacuuming. Over the years I have gotten a good idea of how full the collector should be after cleaning each room. That amount was nowhere near what it had been in the past. Since the cord replacement was long over due it was time to take our Dyson Animal in for repairs.

The nearest authorized Dyson repair center by us is located in Peoria, Illinois. We had plans to spend the weekend there so it was convenient to drop off the vacuum. Normally this would have been a major hassle and long drive just to get the unit fixed. I don’t understand why Dyson doesn’t have a local vacuum repair shop in Springfield authorized to fix it’s products.

C & L Vacuum Cleaners is the authorized Dyson repair agent in Peoria. The business is located just East of one of the downtown hospitals. I was less than pleased to pull into their parking lot and hear nothing but blasting music from a neighborhood business across from the parking area.

After entering C & L we headed for the repair counter. We explained that the cord needed replaced and mentioned the unit hadn’t been performing like it had in the past. It was explained to us that this was most likely do to dirt collecting in the container causing the gasket to move out of place. There is a large black gasket that is part of the suction housing that sits inside of the debris container.

The option was given to replace the power cord with a cheaper after market part or factory original. Of course the pricing for the “factory part” was more expensive. I’d venture a guess that one or the other doesn’t outperform or do the job better. But since Dyson seems very hardcore about use of non Dyson parts in regards to warranty claims I decided to go with the original equipment manufacturer ( OEM ) part. Anyone want to bet both parts are made in the same exact factory?

The person behind the counter was pleasant and the process of dropping off the unit was quick. One interesting note is that for a vacuum shop the carpet behind the counter was definitely in need of a major cleaning. In the end turn around time for the repair was less than 24 hours. Our Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute was ready for pickup the next day. Total bill was $72.38. That breaks down to $32.43 for cord and tax with $39.95 for servicing the unit.

I tested the Dyson last night to see if performance had improved. The unit seemed to be working closer to it’s original standard. But I’m still not 100% sure the problem has been resolved. I’ll need to use the vacuum over the next few weeks to make a conclusion.

When we dropped it off for repairs I mentioned that I had just cleaned the filter. It actually was still needing to dry from the night before when we took the unit to C & L. As far as I’m aware all Dyson products come with a lifetime filter. This is something I don’t fully understand. I’ve seen what comes out of the filter after cleaning it. How can the filter continue to perform at an optimal rate over the years after collecting all this crud? We purchased our Dyson on 9/02/2007. So that is almost 2 and 1/2 years of dirt and particles picked up by our vacuum. To me it doesn’t make sense that even after a 5 minute soaking every 6 months that the filter would still perform as good as when new.

I mentioned to the person behind the counter that dirty and debris seemed to be sitting on top of the filter after we used our Dyson. I didn’t remember the unit working that way previously.  My comment didn’t seem to cause any concern and there was no reply. I’m still seeing this after the work being done. I’m starting to think it would be wise to swap out the filter for a new one. Honestly we should have just had this done at the shop. But since the person behind the counter didn’t seem concerned I figured my thought process might be off.  Honestly I just don’t remember ever opening the filter area and seeing a collection of debris previously.

If I remember right the manual states the filter can be cleaned every 3 months. 6 months is what it states on the website ( 6 is mentioned in the manual also ). I didn’t think it had been longer than 6 months since I last gave the filter a soaking. I’m thinking we will be purchasing another filter from Dyson for a few reasons. To test performance between old and new. But also to have a backup filter when one is being cleaned.

I’m not unhappy with our Dyson purchase. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles the power cord problem was my fault. I think it could have been addressed during the development phase of the product. Personally I’d love to see a cordless upright vacuum come to market. If one exist I’ve never seen it. Our Dyson definitely solved many aggravations I had with previous vacuum cleaners. Of course if we have to pay $40 for servicing every 2 years my love of this product may start to diminish. If performance after this servicing is still not up to the original standard I’ll be a not so happy customer.

One of my older Dyson articles got a comment yesterday. Interesting timing since we just took our Dyson in for repairs. The comment was made from someone claiming to be a vacuum store customer. It sounded more like someone who is in the repair business. The statement was made that they see tons of Dyson’s in their local shop for “clutch” repairs. It was stated that this occurs on a yearly basis. Unless the repair shop we just went to missed something. I can say our clutch wasn’t in need of repair. So either we are just lucky so far or this “problem” isn’t really something that happens to a large number of Dyson owners. When doing research before purchasing a Dyson I don’t recall anyone mentioning large numbers of clutch failures.

To me it seems like the comment author only bothered reading one article. If they had explored my other Dyson articles they would have found I have been critical of the product just as much as I have given it praise. A Dyson UK representative actually took notice of my comments. Honestly not sure anyone will take that feedback to heart and fix the annoyances I mentioned.

Keep in mind in almost all cases authors and commenters have an agenda. This is one reason I link to so many other sources. So that readers can make up their own minds from reading multiple opinions. I’m sure I lose sales to other websites by doing this. In regards to sales – I honestly could care less if you purchase a Dyson. I’d just prefer you buy your vacuum from one of the many vendors I offer here. When I write about products I’ve purchased or used it is to share my experience. This can help others to decide if that product or service is right for them. I feel I’m normally fairly equal in my praise and dislike. I won’t pull any punches. I’ve always done my best to give an honest straightforward review.

So what is my agenda? To share information and hopefully make some money in the process. I won’t sink to some of the underhanded marketing tricks others have over the years to accomplish that agenda. My opinion isn’t bought or paid for by any company. You want honesty stay here – if you want a bit of honesty mixed in with marketing BS or paid for reviews go to all those other sites the Internet has to offer.

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This is where we got our Dyson serviced.

C & L Vacuum Cleaners

2411 North Knoxville

(309) 685-1942

Peoria, IL 61604

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  1. Yea I went and bought another filter right away so I could swap them out because I thought it would be better to have a back up. I don’t think they could last forever myself. I have a clog now in mine and was looking how to take it apart online. I took it apart and can’t get the one piece back on. I guess I will have to take it in.

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