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I swear this week is going from bad to worse and now it's raining like all get out on our moving weekend. Which is just a small example of how my day has been going. You have to love when your cable tv and internet providers employees are just straight up clueless. I'll drop my rant from a new Inside Insight forum post here.

From my thread in the Inside Insight forum

I'd like to publicly thank the technician in the truck that I basically cussed out this morning for ruining my day. I'd also like to thank the phone representative who miskeyed the 15 and made it the 5th. I'm still wondering why service that was set to be shut off on the 5th according to company records. Didn't get shut off until the 8th of this month. I'd like to thank you for screwing up my enjoyment of the US Open on HD this AM. During a key part of a great match. I'd like to thank you for shutting down my internet connection so that I would have no service as well. And I'd like to thank Insight for being so thick headed that they only give me a day service credit for their employees mistake. Even though through no fault of my own my homes services were shut off before they were scheduled to be shut down. I'd also like to thank whoever has caused my account number and reg code to no longer be valid. This seemed to happen after the June maintenance ( I'd just not looked into it further ). And may very well explain why I've not been getting the speeds I should of late. Since the customer and registration number that has always worked for me ( given to me by Brian Ade ) no longer works. I'm unable to register my modem to properly work with the Insight network. Thus I still have no internet access or phone at my home. I'll be borrowing a cell phone ASAP. Now you'd think the guy on the truck would have had the good sense to call the office to see what was what. After I came out and straight forward told him to fix whatever he had just broken. You'd think that at the very least he might want to report an irate customer to the home office. And since our account wasn't being shut off do to non-payment. You'd think he would have tried to further look into things. No such luck. Yep I'm stupid enough to want my services shut off on the 5th when my new install isn't scheduled until the 12th. Of course this isn't how things were setup. An appointment scheduled for the 15th was re-scheduled for the 12th. And it was assumed that the old service would be shut off then. Because this was how we had thinks setup previously. I was more than aware that two technicians where in the area. One spent some time talking to the guys who were mowing our lawn. So it only made sense that when things went south someone had pulled the wrong plug somewhere. I did in fact wait until late in the afternoon to contact someone from a pay phone to have them call Insight and get things straightened out. So I was more than patient in regards to waiting for them to fix their error. And to think I was just thinking about writing a very positive Insight article in regards to how I had a positive experience twice with their phone reps in regards to getting things set for our move. Obviously the nice male phone rep from my first call miskeyed something. Which in fact caused this drama to unfold. Again thank you for making an already stressful week an even bigger hell Insight. It was greatly appreciated. Can you feel the sarcasm? Not that anyone on the other end really gives a rats backside.

Inside Insight » Thanks Insight for making my day bad

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