Root canal

Unfortunately I had to have a root canal performed yesterday. I’ve known for a few months now that I was going to have to go in for this procedure. The endodontist in Springfield Illinois who performed my endodontic therapy was lacking in bedside manner. Discussing a broken dishwasher and other topics while working on a patient doesn’t really instill confidence in the person doing the dental work. That makes a patient feel like they are on an assembly line and just another number laying in the dentist chair.

As far as I’m aware the procedure went well. Other than a slight headache I haven’t really had any pain. When I came home yesterday I still couldn’t “feel” one side of my face or nose. This shows that the local anesthetic given to me was doing it’s job. Wearing braces longer than I should have & lack of dental care for a number of years has led to various problems. Until this root canal I hadn’t had any serious issues for a couple of years.

Many are unaware that dental health can affect your whole body. For some reason people don’t seem to realize infection in the mouth can lead to other serious illness.

I would prefer not to have to deal with any type of medical issue. But this problem was something that couldn’t be ignored. The procedure wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It actually seemed to go rather quickly. That said I’d prefer not having to make a visit to an endodontist any time soon.

Like most medial procedures we are still stuck in the dark ages. While medical science is much more advanced from decades past. We are still using methods that I think most would consider barbaric. Modern medicine is a long way from healing patients with a Star Trek magic wand.

My endodontic therapy ( root canal ) cost about $700. There is a big debate about cost of this dental procedure. Health care cost are always a source of big debate. In an online forum I frequent there is a member who often praises the low priced medical procedures performed in Mexico. This person swears the quality of care is equal to American doctors. I just happened to come across an article today that discusses this same topic. For those on a fixed income who need to have multiple procedures done you can see why cost is important to them. Some would state these people are risking further health complications while trying to save money.

I’ve had a few heated debates with one person in regards to safety in Mexico. They swear it is a perfectly safe place to visit. My opinion is that events that have taken place over the years shows this isn’t the case. You have had an unstable government for decades. The level of violence associated with the drug trade is at an all time high. Kidnappings along the border are very common. While many cities in the United States have high levels of violent crime. I don’t think many can compete with Mexico.

Even if the quality of medical care was up to or above American standards in Mexico. It is the last place I would prefer going to have a medical procedure performed. I’m not even interested in vacationing there. So why would I want to risk life and limb for cheap medical care that might be sub-standard? I have a feeling the person I mentioned above would tell me that Mexico is perfectly safe – that they have been visiting and using medical services there without any concerns or problems. From what I have read over the past few years and in the past. I’ll skip heading down to Mexico.

It frustrates me that Americans feel the need to head to other countries for medical care. Depending on who you talk to the blame for this gets passed around. I’ll save the political debate and just say Americans should be able to obtain medical care here when they need it. I know from personal experience how hard it is to come up with money to pay for health care when you are uninsured. I’ve seen people who don’t get proper treatment because they can’t afford it. In some cases this leads them to seek out care in countries that may not have patient safety & procedure quality as priorities. This is a point debated by many who claim health care in Mexico is perfectly safe & cheaper.

While watching History Detectives today I found out a natural plastic made from gutta-percha may have been used in my root canal procedure.

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2 thoughts on “Root canal”

  1. Hi Iggy, Angie’s list does not work here in Springfield, too bad. I hate dentists in general and do not trust them. However, I love my dentist and staff at Advance Dental on west Wabash. Clean, bright, modern. Even my even more dentist hating husband goes there now!

  2. Honestly my Angie’s List experience leaves a bit to be desired. I don’t think they have changed only being truly available in large cities. Which is interesting considering they have television advertisements on many of our local stations. In the past someone stated that national ads sometimes run in communities that don’t have that business. We see Pep Boys ads here. Unless something has changed that company doesn’t do business anywhere near Central Illinois.

    My opinion is Angie makes you jump through a few to many hoops to use her website. But a very large amount of people disagree with me on that point.

    Granted I do my own reviews on this site. So while a service like Angie’s List can be useful – I have my own soap box here. Most of those reviews have been viewed by a lot of readers.

    I’ve mentioned this to my readers many times. No matter what review you read & how trustworthy that source has shown themselves to be. Keep in mind an agenda is always being served. Always look for reviewers who are upfront & honest about this.

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