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This is a public thank you for recent gift I just received in the mail. There are at least two funny things about this. One I already have purchased this book myself. Has Amazon lost it's edge – A Treasure's Trove it may no longer be The second humorous thing here is this. I was expecting a package today from UPS. Anyone who has read my previous article I linked above. Would know that Amazon uses Airborne Express / DHL to delivery packages to the United States Postal service for delivery in many cases now. This adds an unnecessary day wait for your package. I didn't realize at the time my US Postal Carrier had left this package. But I'm ranting and getting off topic as usual.

The point being I just figured that the UPS guy ( yes I know women drive for UPS and other carriers – we have guys in our neighborhood – except for FedEx ) didn't ring the doorbell and left the package. It didn't occur to me at the time that the package wasn't near as heavy as it should be. So while I'm on hold with my cable company. I start to open the package. Imagine my surprise when I saw A Treasure's Trove sitting the box. My first thought was oh great Amazon screwed up my order. Then upon further investigation I see it was in fact a gift. Most likely I either added this to my Wish List and forgot to take it off. Or it was assumed I had an interest in the book do to my writing about it a couple of times.

Either way this put a smile on my face. Which honestly has been hard to do lately. One because I was ready to read Amazon the riot act. And two because I really wasn't expecting anything from the makers of Weatherbug. I'll say what I've said previously in regards to this. Even if I wanted to hate these people. I'd have a hard time doing so. As I said before. I really had a good conversation at Gnomedex 5.0 with Chris Sloop CTO of Weatherbug.

You can read more on him here Gnomedex 5.0 Speakers.

I'm definitely the type of person who appreciates little things like this. I know there are many people who could care less. Now it should be kept in mind for you conspiracy buffs out there. That in the past I've been well taken care of ( at times ) by a certain company. This hasn't stopped me from being critical of that software developer when I felt it was warranted.

I've mentioned this for one reason only. It would take more than a good book to buy my opinion. Although I'm not sure what my sellout price would be. I'm sure it would be nowhere near as high as some peoples.

With that said. I feel this gift doesn't come with that type of baggage. It was sent with goodwill attached in my opinion. And it was received as such.

The last email I received from Chris got axed do to my Vista headache. I know it was in regards to a forum thread I replied to that mentioned a user having problems with WeatherBug and ZoneAlarm. I would assume the email either stated the problem was being looked into or contained information on how to get the two pieces of software to play nice.

What this all comes down to is this. The unexpected gift was a surprise and appreciated. Honestly it's not to often anyone gives a look at the WishList link on the right side of this page. I keep hoping for that Segway to show up at my door. Yea right. I actually need to go into that list and do some housecleaning. There are a few things that are on there that I'm not in need of now. Just not enough hours in the day. Especially with a move coming up around the corner.

I know a certain teacher who loves to read. If memory serves me right. She was wanting to read this book. So it will go to good use. I'm sure at least one of her kids would like to read it as well. I'll definitely make sure it gets put to good use.

Now if Steve Rubel starts sending me gifts in the mail. I'll know the world has definitely taken an odd turn. Take this as me being tongue and cheek and trying to be humorous.

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