Is Illinois becoming a hotbed for movie pirates

Is Illinois becoming a hotbed for movie pirates? Recently in Springfield Illinois two teenagers were arrested for filming a movie at AMC Showplace 12 ( formerly Kerasotes ). A 22 year old woman was jailed in Rosemont for recording small snippets of a flick. That person has now filed a lawsuit against Muvico Theaters. I’d venture a guess that neither party was trying their hand at movie pirating. But I couldn’t remember the last time I saw two articles in regards to customers recording the films they were watching in a theater. The stories I’ve mentioned were written less than a couple days apart. The Rosemont incident took place in November of 2009.

All the efforts of the MPAA & RIAA have done nothing to stop file sharing. As far as I’m aware every major motion picture released since 1999 ( maybe before ) has ended up online for download. No amount of threats, lawsuits or digital rights management ( DRM ) has put a stop to that. Debate rages on in regards to if there is any true economic damage from this content being available. Both the movie & music industry claim large financial losses do to pirating. When analyzed by independent sources those claims seem to be highly exaggerated.

The adult entertainment ( porn ) industry and the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship ) have started to talk tough against those who make their content available for download on file sharing websites. I’m sure we will see a few lawsuits or prosecutions take place if both back those words up. In the end these efforts cause more bad will and PR ( public relations ) disasters than they are worth. The money would be better spent reinvesting it in your product. In relation to movies & music it would be best spent making their products better.

What few people realize is that many of the technologies used online and that have become popular in the mainstream started out on porn websites. You might also be surprised how many “legitimate” companies make money off what some call smut. Cable, satellite and hotels make a large amount of profit from adult movies.

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