Organic Hemp Shower Curtain by Bean Products

Unfortunately I’m not going to be as positive as Amazon reviewers in regards to this Organic Hemp Shower Curtain. Finding a natural shower curtain in the first place was a chore. Vinyl definitely rules shower curtains. I figured it would be easy to find a curtain made from bamboo or hemp. From my research the options seem very limited. We ended up purchasing the shower curtain pictured above from Amazon.

The reviews raved about how this product handled water well. A few comments were made that mildew would form on the curtain over time. One reviewer offered suggestions on how to deal with this. The product description is actually very detailed in regards to pros and cons. Although so far my experience hasn’t really matched the description or reviews.

“The curtain will stop water from spraying outside your shower without a plastic liner.”

Even with our low flow showerhead pointed away from the curtain water collects quickly. Once the shower curtain is soaked with water it starts to drip. Even with the curtain inside of the tub this water will end up on the floor if a towel is not placed on the edge. I’ll provided a picture to illustrate that.

Since this particular shower ( we have 2 ) only gets used at most twice a week I can’t comment on any buildup or mildew issues.

I honestly can’t see this shower curtain being useful in a multiple person household. The curtain absorbs to much water to dry quickly. With back to back showers I’m sure dripping water would accumulate faster.

There are no other color options except natural hemp. So this curtain basically matches our bathroom wall color. I’m not unhappy with the look. Just don’t expect to go natural and add a splash of color with this product.

The curtain texture is natural with a few little bumps of material that stick out slightly. Nothing that worries me. Although time will show how durable this shower curtain truly is. While the curtain isn’t extremely heavy. You can tell that the material has a good thickness to it.

If privacy is something you value in a shower curtain this one would work for you. Many vinyl curtains are see-through. This can cause privacy issues if you only have one bathroom in your home. The hemp material is definitely thick enough to keep what is behind it hidden.

For the cost of $83.25 I can’t say I’m completely happy with this purchase. If we can find a way to stop water from collecting on our floor that doesn’t involve the use of another towel I’d be very pleased with this product. As long as the product truly is organic Romanian hemp fabric. The word organic is more marketing hype than reality in most products. For the price I shouldn’t have to even consider purchasing a liner. The product description clearly states I shouldn’t need one. I don’t agree.

I can’t find a shower liner that isn’t made of vinyl. Using one of these would defeat the whole purpose of purchasing the Organic Hemp Shower Curtain. I can’t find a natural latex liner or something along those lines.

This shower curtain doesn’t have the horrible smell of vinyl. It’s made from natural hemp. You have privacy during your shower. Should look fairly decent in most homes. Although a choice of colors using natural dyes would be nice. I’m just not happy with the real world performance in regards to how it handles water at this point. I shouldn’t have to use a towel to avoid ending up with a big puddle on our bathroom floor.

In regards to drying time. I took a shower about an hour and half ago. The middle top portions of the curtain are now almost dry. Of course the bottom portion which has less access to airflow is still very wet. Keep in mind this is with only one person showering. Also remember I had a towel placed on the tub edge to collect excess water from the curtain. That towel has been soaked both times I have used it. When it wasn’t used this water ended up on the floor.

The side ends do wrinkle up a bit. But as stated in the description and reviews this works itself out once you start showering.

Many readers will most likely flip out when they see the price of this shower curtain. Most vinyl curtains are fairly cheap. What never gets taken into account is the health effects of breathing vinyl fumes for a long period of time. I liked our old vinyl curtains graphics of sea creatures. It almost perfectly matched a towel we purchased in Sarasota Florida years ago. But no matter what the industry wants to state – vinyl isn’t good for you or the people who manufacture it. What is frustrating is how hard it is to find decent alternatives to vinyl or plastics. Consumers are pretty much forced into using products made from these materials.

Update 7/15/2010

After adjusting shower spray pattern I’m seeing less of a problem in regards to water drip. I also wanted to add that this product is Made in Chicago Illinois.

Update 9/18/2017

This curtain is still in use at our new home. I feel my comments above still hold true. Obviously durable – lasted all these years.

I leave curtain hanging out of tub with towel on floor. That has reduced water collection on curtain. But it’s still soaked after even a short shower.

Held up well after many cycles in washing machine.

Curtain will mildew if it doesn’t air dry properly after a shower.

Buy your Hemp Shower Curtain at Bean Products.

Bean Products – Earth Friendly products for yoga, meditation, home and pets. Made in USA

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4 thoughts on “Organic Hemp Shower Curtain by Bean Products”

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this review. It was VERY useful in helping me decide about whether or not to purchase this product, as it spoke to all the questions I had about it (specifically, all my reservations). These products may not yet have come into their own as a viable alternative; meanwhile, too bad.

  2. Honestly I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing this shower curtain again. The initial issue with water not being fully contained was resolved by changing the output of our low flow shower head. Since making this adjustment I’ve not had any problems with water not stay where it should.

    There have been no issues with mildew or odor. I think adding magnets to the ends would resolve the issue of the corners not giving complete coverage until the curtain “warms up”. In hotels you see traditional shower curtains that are designed this way.

    Earth 2.0 GPM Low Flow Massage Water Saving Shower Head by Niagara Conservation

  3. I have had no water problems with mine at all!! And the place I ordered from had about 15 awesome natural dye colors to choose from, I just wish I could remember where!!

  4. When ordering directly from Bean Products I’ve come across no color options. The current above was purchased from them through Amazon – where I also don’t remember seeing a choice of colors. The natural look works for our bathroom. It might not be as desirable for others.

    I’ve had no issues with water since making the adjustments I mentioned. My only compliant is the corners are like many other curtains and don’t stay in place. As I said above I’d like to see small magnets in the corners like you see with some hotel shower curtains.

    Bean Products – Earth Friendly products for yoga, meditation, home and pets. Made in USA

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