Keetsa Down-Alternative Memory Foam Pillow

This is a picture of my new Keetsa Down-Alternative Memory Foam Pillow. If I remember correctly this pillow shipped from Northern Illinois. The other Keetsa pillow we purchased shipped from California. When I first opened this box I thought the pillow would be to small for me. Over the years I’ve used only King size pillows. Our bedroom has been long overdue for new pillows. I don’t even want to think about how many dust mites and other nasty particles are inside the old ones. I’d had a few of those pillows for longer than I would like to admit.

After looking around a bit I chose Keetsa for our new pillows. Keetsa makes claims of being eco-friendly. Their commitment to packaging might give them some credit in that department. But when you look at the materials tag on their pillow products that tells a slightly different story. I was fully aware of this when I made this recent purchase. I’ll include a picture of the tag that came with my order.

I feel I’m sleeping better and waking up with less muscle tension using this new pillow. I have an old King size pillow placed under it. All our pillows and mattress are covered using Keetsa Organic Cotton Mattress & Pillow Protectors. The protectors are something I had wanted to purchase for a long time. Right after we got them I felt my quality of sleep improved.

While Keetsa’s earth friendly / natural credentials can be questioned. I personally feel their products are worth buying. Of course I would prefer they were using Ford Motors soy foam instead of petroleum based foam. This has always been the downside to foam mattresses & pillows. The use of oil as a main ingredient to produce them. Ford introduced soy-based polyurethane foam seat cushions and backs in 2007.

I’m not sure if Keetsa uses this in their pillows. But their mattresses are made with BioFoam™:  Memory Foam made with a blend of natural and synthetic materials. We replace 20% of the synthetic with plant oil, to reduce the dependency on chemical and emissions of harmful off-gassing.

Check out the Keetsa contour pillow, with its head saddle in the middle and neck support structure. The sensitive memory foam conforms to you, cradling your head, neck and shoulders to deliver a pressure-free, weightless sensation. Amazingly, a lot of people who use this type of pillow actually find they move less during sleep. Keetsa also has traditional shaped pillows that are squeezable like down but also have the conforming support of memory foam. All Keetsa pillows are hypo-allergenic and core ingredients are recyclable. To maintain their freshness, Keetsa uses all-natural EverGreen™, made from real green tea, for odor control.

Memory Foam Pillows

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