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This week has seen a ton of VOIP forum threads in regards to Broadvox Direct. It's actually been sometime since the BroadBandReports VOIP forum has seen a large number of Broadvox Direct customers posting in regards to the service. Not all of the recent threads have been positive. Some of been extremely critical of the support staff and the company itself. I've personally not had a need to contact Broadvox Direct support lately. So I honestly can't comment in regards to how I feel about that part of the service. This company is my VOIP provider and at the moment I really don't have any complaints. The service has been stable – although I have had a few recent minor issues with call quality. I personally feel this is do more to my recent issues in regards to my ISP than the actual VOIP service.

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Voice over IP » [Broadvox Direct] What the HE11 happened to BVD! They suck now!

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