evolve 5 Spray Pattern Maximum Flow Showerhead

The true amount of water savings from this evolve showerhead is up for debate. When I first read about it on the GreenandMore website I thought this unit worked differently than it does. For some reason I thought the water would trickle until the water got hot then go to full pressure. This showerhead works in exactly the opposite way. When you turn the shower on water pressure is normal. After reaching a certain temperature ( 95 degrees if I remember right ) water flow then goes to a trickle. Once you enter the shower you pull a cord to have water pressure resume to normal flow.

To me the water savings is suspect. Most people brush their teeth and do other business while the water heats up. I’d venture a guess most people are done with this before theĀ  temperature reaches what they want. Where you lose the most water is during the initial heating process. My thought is the evolve showerhead offers minimal savings at best.

Considering this isn’t a low flow showerhead and the fact that the trickle process offers only a slight savings. This product is probably one you should skip if you are wanting to reduce your households water usage. By the time I realized the unit worked differently than I first thought it was to late. I’d already made the purchase.

I’m not totally unhappy with this showerhead. It was easy to install. I removed the old unit and Cheryl installed this one. The device works exactly how the product information describes. It was my fault for not fully grasping how that process took place originally. All the different settings perform up to standard.

Honestly when compared to the Niagara Earth low flow showerhead our landlord installed months ago. When both units are tested using the same type of spray pattern I really can’t tell a difference in water pressure. Looking at the specifications shows my feeling on that isn’t supported. The evolve showerhead runs at 2.5 gpm. Compared to Niagara Earth running at 2.0 gmp max. That shows that the Niagara Earth in our front bathroom definitely should use less water.

Truthfully I can’t tell the difference. Neither showerhead annoys me when using them. The evolve product does have 2 extra spray patterns. Rarely do I bother switching theses. Every once in awhile I might turn it to massage. Both units offer that as an option. If you compare looks evolve wins. Niagara Earth wins by a long shot on price and lower water usage.

The evolve showerhead is not designed to work with tankless water heaters.

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