Toyota: Hybrid demand up in Katrina’s wake

This really isn't all that surprising. We saw this during the energy crisis years ago. People started looking for and buying smaller Japanese imports to save money on gas. Unfortunately no one listened to President Carter at the time. And when the new administration came into power. They decided to change all the good that had been started. If back then we would have followed the path that was set. We wouldn't be in the fix we are in now. This country wouldn't be so reliant upon one natural resource for our energy needs.

With all that said. Toyota had a hard enough time keeping up with the wants of Prius buyers a year ago. I honestly don't think they would be able to increase production to meet this new level of demand. Most of the other major automakers are still just talking about hybrids or other fuel efficient vehicles. Honda is the only other auto manufacturer that has tried to give the public a new way to travel. These vehicles may not be the end all be all in regards to a solution. But in my opinion this is a step in the right direction. It's sad that it takes two natural disasters to maybe get people headed in the right direction.

Toyota Hybrid demand up in Katrina's wake  CNET

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