Pure Fiber Bamboo Bath Towels

Pure Fiber Bamboo Bath Towels

Pure Fiber commitments

Ive been wanting to purchase bamboo towels for some time. I have several affiliates that offer this product. The Pure Fiber bamboo bath towel set pictured above was bought at GreenandMore. That is the same place I purchased our evolve 5 Spray Pattern Maximum Flow Showerhead.

So far I’m pleased with these bamboo towels. I purchased 2 sets. Each set includes 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel and 1 wash towel. Towels have a terry cloth feel to them – very soft. After several washes they have held up well. No loose fibers or loss of softness. From doing some reading online I had a concern about durability. At this point that isn’t a problem.

I don’t recall anyone offering bamboo towels that are beach sized. That is size of our old bath towels. I prefer that size. Pure Fiber towels have no problems with absorbing water. These towels will get you dry. So regular size doesn’t restrict performance.

Pure Fiber Bamboo Towel Set Kit- 6 piece set $49.95

Pure Fiber Bamboo Towel Set Kit- 6 piece set $89.95

There are 8 colors to choose from. What is pictured above is tangerine red.

Made in Pakistan.

Silky soft bamboo terry

Made from 100% viscose from bamboo spun into a high quality yarn

Environmentally friendly – renewable source and environmentally ethical manufacturing

Natural softness and natural sheen (no chemical treatments)

Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and odor resistant

Unique temperature adjusting properties keep skin cool in the heat and warm in cool environments

More absorbent than cotton

Strong and durable – machine washable

Pure Fiber 3-Piece Viscose Derived from Bamboo Bath Towel Set, Butterscotch

Pure Fiber Viscose Derived from Bamboo 6-Piece Bath Towel Set, Slate

Bamboo is an amazing material. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, and like grass, it is a very rapidly renewable resource. Once processed, it can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is harder than maple and has the same tensile strength as steel, yet it can be spun and woven into silky soft textiles. Since bamboo is a grass, it does not die when harvested, and thus does not require replanting.

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