Under the Canopy ginko leaf kitchen towels

Under the Canopy kitchen towel ginko leaf

I had been wanting to purchase some more towels for the kitchen. So recently when we purchased bath towels and a new showerhead I did just that. I’ve been using Under the Canopy ginko leaf kitchen towels for a little less than a month. They have held up to use and being washed. Our old kitchen towels hadn’t worn out. But I wanted a few extra.

Under the Canopy ginko leaf kitchen towels

Organic Cotton Ginko Leaf Print Kitchen Towel
These high quality organic cotton kitchen towel sets are grown and woven without the use of chemicals and are known for their ability to absorb, breathe and wear well.

100% Organic Cotton

Made under Fair Labor practices

Earth friendly dyes

Under the Canopy Unity Certified Organic Cotton 6-piece Towel Set

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