Seagull says hello Edgewater Hotel Seattle

This picture was taken in 2007 from our balcony at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle Washington. Unfortunately we haven’t been back to Seattle for several years. Our last stay at the Edgewater was in 2008 for Gnomedex ( the last one I attended ). Watching last weeks episode of After the Catch got me wanting to head back out that way. It also got me thinking about our balcony room at the hotel.

The After the Catch episode featured a tribute to Captain Phil Harris. During parts of this tribute you could see the Edgewater Hotel. If you book a waterside room at the Edgewater you may have a balcony that faces Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal Pier 66. This is where part of the tribute took place. Wikipedia list the tribute taking place at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal Pier 91. I have no reason to doubt that information. What I do know is that in the After the Catch episode you can clearly see the Edgewater Hotel balconies. You would only be able to do this at Pier 66 or from the Bell Harbor Conference Center. The baggage area at Pier 66 seemed to be featured also.

We’ve only had a waterside room 2 out of 4 visits. Our first Edgewater stay was in a cityside room. What you see outside your window or from your balcony depends on which side of the water you are facing. From the viewpoint above you can wake-up to cruise ships, parties being setup or floating Olympic advertisements.

Normally the seagulls don’t stay and hang out when you approach them. You will see many hanging out, flying around and resting on the Edgewater balconies. From what I’ve seen they normally don’t keep humans company unless they have food. The one in the photo above stayed for a rather long time and allowed me to photograph it. This bird changed positions several times – almost like it was posing for the camera.

You also see a Washington State Ferry passing on one of it’s many daily journeys. We took a trip to Bainbridge Island using the ferry in 2007. Didn’t have enough time & the weather was horrible in 2008.

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Our view to the left from The Edgewater Hotel 2007

Argosy Cruise passing the Bell Harbor Conference Center 2008

Cleaning windows on Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship Norwegian Pearl

Ocean Survey Vessel Bold (OSV Bold) Seattle August 2008

China 8 Project coming into Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal Pier 66

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WaterFront Seafood Grill Pier 70 Seattle

Why are these people in the trunk

Edgewater Hotel Teddy Bear foot stool

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During last nights Deadliest Catch tribute to Captain Phil Harris another captain said the seagulls are fisherman who have passed on.

Hey where did that cruise ship go

Our room at the Edgewater hotel 2007 before we got moved in

The Edgewater Hotel teddy bear 2007

Here is our balcony at the Edgewater Hotel this year

Outside the Edgewater Hotel 2008

Rachel the Pig Iggy and a pouty little girl

Side view Big Star Diner Bainbridge Island or is it Richie’s 305 Diner now

Street performers at the original Starbucks Coffee Pike Place Market Seattle

What type of bird is this in our backyard

Crab Pot 1301 Alaskan Way Seattle

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Captain Phil Harris Fan Site

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2 thoughts on “Seagull says hello Edgewater Hotel Seattle”

  1. Hey Iggy. the crews and camera men stayed at The Edgewater, and the boats docked alongside pier 66 and The Edge. the main reception was at Pier 91 terminal due to the amount of people…..LOTS of them. but you are right, some of the shots were from pier 66 and the parking lot of The Edgewater as well. there is a lot more footage of The Edge that I am sure simply got edited out.

  2. Thank you for the comment and expanding on the details of these events. I know I would have been very happy to be staying there during the tribute and convention. The cruise ships are normal. But every once in awhile you wake up to something different when staying on that side of the Edgewater.

    Waking up to see those ships docked there would have been one of those moments in my opinion.

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