Tranny knocks out Illuminati Motor Works

Many would tell you that building a prototype vehicle is the easy part. They say the real challenge is manufacturing and selling that prototype. It has been argued that no car manufacturing startup has the capital or knowhow to compete effectively with the Big 3 Automakers in the United States. History is full of examples. You will find many prototypes that have been produced. Some of these even made it to market only to fail for one reason or the other. These failures haven’t always been related to the production vehicles being lousy products. The economics of mass production and labor disputes / cost have caused the downfall of many upstart car manufacturers.

There are many people that feel Tesla Motors is destined to be the next DeLorean. Then again many of these people never thought Tesla could bring a production electric vehicle to market. That opinion was proven wrong. At this point the company has yet to deliver a consumer product to the masses. So it is argued that Tesla Motors is just providing vehicles for a niche market of rich environmentalist.

Is it possible for a group of people in the middle of corn fields to become the next big automaker? The odds are against it. Then again the odds were against Illuminati Motor Works even getting a car built and on the track for the Progressive Automotive X Prize. Tesla has shown it can be done. Granted they have yet to prove this on a mass market scale and at a price point the average consumer can afford. Illuminati Motor Works spent a lot less money on development and production. Some would argue though that they got close to the same results as Tesla for a bigger car and less money.

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors shareholder. Mention of them above is for comparison purposes only. I think most would agree at this time they are one of the most well known electric car manufacturers. They are one of the few who actually have a consumer product for sale and on the road being driven by actual customers. Most vehicle manufacturers are promising electric in the future or in the process of slowly making an electric car that can be purchased in the near future.

Someone ask the team where traditional media is now. As far as I can see – not knocking on their door to cover events after the knockout. For playing the little guy card you sure don’t show support for those of us who aren’t considered “traditional press”. Sure were friendly with that team that can’t stop bad mouthing electric vehicles though. Someone tell Edison2 that electric motors are more efficient than a combustion engine, require less maintenance and get you to your destination just as safely as a gas powered vehicle.

Note to SJR – next time your reporter wants to borrow my formating and a few of my questions – please give me credit. One of your Illuminati Motor Works articles looks very familiar. Just saying.

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