Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 activation error Number of activations using this code exceeded

For the record I have made one purchase from the Kaspersky USA website in the past. I mistakenly purchased the antivirus product instead of the security suite. I think this was in 2009. When I tried to obtain a refund or to just pay the difference in product price I was given a song and dance routine. I never received a refund for that mistaken purchase.

At the time both Kaspersky USA & Global were doing a few less than reputable things on their websites. The USA website had taken things a bit further. There was a fine line between shady and legitimate. Granted many other security companies have been close to crossing that line over the years.

Either way I chalked that mistake up to a lesson learned. A $45 or so lesson that hurt a bit. My point is the USA side of Kaspersky has never seemed as reputable to me as their United Kingdom and Russian counterparts. In the past I’ve used the support services of both with great results. Kaspersky is a Russian company that has expanded around the globe.

In my first reply email I told the support staff I would do their job for them. I linked the support FAQ for my exact issue. After that is when I received an email from Joshua Izzi. As I ended up telling him in my last email. I’d tend to bet I was using and promoting Kaspersky products long before he joined the company or the vendor who provides support services.

No one should ever be given the support song and dance – copy & paste answers – long hold times on the phone – told they have to jump through hoops to get their problem resolved etc etc. Most of us have all dealt with the nightmare of support. The people employed to solve our problems tend to just make them worse. Management that values profit over loyal repeat customers are also to blame. You don’t make profit year after year by pissing off good customers.

Then again Kaspersky should have given me a lifetime license years ago for my efforts to promote their product in the early days. Not to mention the amount of time I’ve spent offering support for the their product in various forums. I haven’t done any serious beta testing for a few years. Used to be a testing guinea pig for their beta builds.

Just in case no one got the point from all the words above – let me state it uncensored and simple. I’m tired of big corporations treating customers like garbage!! Stop treating customers like cattle you are herding though a gate.

This was a very simple issue that should have been resolved with one email. It has now been blown out of proportion do to the buck being passed and support that waste everyones time.

I’ve purchased a valid license good for 3 machines. I have only activated the license on 2 computers. We only have 2 running in our home. A paying customer who has done nothing wrong is being accused of activating a license 10 times. I’d sure like to be shown where I applied that license to all these imaginary machines.

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A quick additional note. As I have stated multiple times above I have contacted support. For those who may not be clear about this – that has done nothing to resolve the issue. I thought that would have been very clear after reading what I have written. As I mentioned I have also tried to contact support using another email address on the website. No reply with a solution, apology or updated license key has entered my inbox.

For those who leave comments. Rarely if ever do I approve comments that include a URL to another website. Most of the time this is just someone trying to drive advertising revenue away from my site to theirs.

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  1. Same issue here that just came up. Only installed it on one computer and then they forced me to refund my global subscription and trying to get me to buy a USA one where they dont even offer the same product….Customer service was horrible

  2. Well well, if you would have stayed with ZA you would have avoided all these problems. Double-Cross does not always pay back 😉

  3. What a funny smart ass reply. Actually Zone Labs has done some of the same exact underhanded bullshit that Kaspersky has done on their website. Also I think if you’re actually so smart you would in fact know that the quality of support from Zone Labs has suffered over the years. Zone Labs has the same exact mentality as Kaspersky in regards to how they treat customers. One of the key reasons I’ve distanced myself from them.

    There was no double cross. It was in fact Zone Labs who disrespected a long time supporter = me. Loyalty is not rewarded by most large corporations. This is a key example of small companies turning into uncaring monsters after they grow to be large.

    The whole ZoneAlarm “issue” was a long time coming. I bit my tongue for many years. Stating my opinion privately. Next time you comment try to be a bit more constructive. Save the witty pointless comments for the other forums that have started suffering in quality the past few years.

    Background on what the comment above references. I guess the person above has forgotten how Zone Labs tried to force a toolbar on their free customers and some of the other less than security oriented tactics their marketing department has tried at various times.

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    Lets be honest – Zone Labs has license key issues on a fairly regular basis. A check of their support forum will produce customers who have similar issues as what I have with Kaspersky above. So my choice of product isn’t the issue. Quality of customer support has long suffered in many industries.

    Some more honesty because I think the person who commented above is lacking in reading skills or has a bad memory. One of the key reasons I had to switch to the Kaspersky Security Suite is do to the fact that Zone Labs continued to drag it’s ass in regards to 64 bit support. Also keep in mind they did the exact same thing in regards to support for new Microsoft operating systems. This is nothing new if you actually take the time to explore history instead of making wise ass comments with no helpful value.

    Want a key example of why support services suck? Look at the comment above.


    Who would you trust a coward who for years was hidden behind anonymity? Or someone who for almost a decade hasn’t feared putting a name to their opinion? You want bias look at the comment above mine. If you would like truth & someone telling you the story as it has taken place. Then stay here and read what I have to say. Don’t just trust my opinion – look at the history in regards to both companies. After doing that basic common sense tells you who is speaking the truth.

    Keep in mind I’m all for allowing comments. But picking a fight with me here is a no win situation for anyone who chooses to do that.


    The person who commented above now wants to start a bit of harassment. What is sad is the fact that I am in fact correct in everything I have said but they don’t have the decency to at least be honest and admit I’m right. There bias is loud and clear. The Zone Labs forums have been censored for several years now. Supposed helpers in that forum have started do the exact garbage I mentioned above in regards to offering support. You see nothing but impersonal copy & paste answers. Zone Labs has in fact had license key issues very similar to what I am seeing above with Kaspersky. My memory is telling me there was a time years ago when they switched their license for security reasons a good number of customers ran into problems with legitimate license keys.

    Again – don’t just blindly trust my opinion. Do some reading – explore the history. This isn’t me bashing one company or the other. All I’m doing is giving you the truth. For that I now have someone who has played the anonymity game for years in a popular security forum personally attacking me. Do they work for the company? It is possible. Then again they may just be one of those annoying Internet trolls.

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