Illuminati Motor Works electric car Seven at Illinois State Fair Twilight Parade 2010

I hadn’t seen Illuminati Motor Works electric car Seven complete in person until last night. Their vehicle was part of Illinois State Fair Twilight Parade 2010. I think last time I attended this parade was in 2006. Rod Blagojevich was still Governor of Illinois at the time. Unfortunately Illinois State Fair management was very shortsighted in regards to Illuminati Motor Works accomplishments. Seven should have been official Illinois State Fair “pace car”. I think this years pace car was a Mustang. I’m not able to find my pictures of that car at moment. One of my SD cards went bad as I was transferring pictures – so I may have lost those photos. What I do know is “pace car” was in the middle of parade.

It was nice to finally see completed vehicle I originally encountered as a rolling frame. What is frustrating is nice older lady seated next to us didn’t really get significance of the car. Her opinion is she wouldn’t want to drive it because it is new technology that would be to much of a hassle. I chose not to point out to her that the electric car came before combustion engine as a vehicle power source.

I skipped turning conversation into a political debate. It would have been easy to argue that Illuminati Motor Works shows American ingenuity still exist. Not to mention fact that the car actually uses mostly American resources. Vehicle is definitely powered by American jobs and power sources. No trying to figure out which country your oil / gas was produced in. Of course there are some parts within car that wouldn’t exist without petroleum. I’d venture a guess – battery pack isn’t American made. But that is this countries fault for falling so behind technology curve. We have allowed other countries to advance new technology while ignoring importance of doing so ourselves.

I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to put a group of people who have gained national and international recognition for their efforts at back of Illinois State Fair Twilight Parade. Whoever is in charge of these decisions should be ashamed of themselves. It got to point where I thought the team had problems or pulled out of parade. We kept looking and looking but no Seven. I figured by time it did show up I wouldn’t have good light to get decent photos. Luckily that turned out not to be the case.

Shame on Illinois State Fair management for not promoting Illinois ingenuity. Vehicle pictured above was built by real people who invested their own money to make an idea reality. This is something you rarely see in America anymore. You would think fair would want to use this vehicle as a tool to inspire others to follow this groups lead.

This years parade was actually supposed to be shorter with less politics. Anyone who attended knows politics were alive and well. Sure seemed to be plenty of candidates with walkers, displays and floats. Although Relay For Life was told they didn’t meet this years criteria for taking part in the event.

On a positive note I did see some people running up to Seven showing interest and asking questions. And people by the church we sat by were discussing the look of the car and asked Cheryl & I a few questions about it. We had let a few people know that we were there to see the car. Honestly rest of Twilight Parade was what I had seen in years past. Interesting to a point but nothing different – except for Illuminati Motor Works electric car Seven.

No one asked me about Tesla Motors t-shirt I was wearing. I got it during my visit to their Chicago store opening earlier this year.

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You can see what Seven looked like the first time I saw it below.

Seven inside of Illuminati Motor Works workshop

Tranny knocks out Illuminati Motor Works

Does the economy need the combustion engine

Illuminati Motor Works electric car Seven takes it’s first test run

Automotive X PRIZE competitor Illuminati Motor Works Q & A

Guess we won’t see Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich like this anymore

Illuminati Motor Works Seven concept drawings

Illuminati Motor Works team being interviewed during media day

Illuminati Motor Works workshop

Illuminati Motor Works (IMW) “Seven” size compared to Ford Crown Victoria

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Tesla Motor brochures

Tesla Roadster Sport console

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport price tag

Tesla charging station inside Chicago store garage

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Electric Comuta-Car outside Sierra Club tent Illinois State Fair 2009

Illuminati Motor Works (IMW) “Seven” is a four seat battery electric vehicle (BEV) that was constructed from scratch specifically for the Progressive Automotive X Prize.

Illuminati Motor Works (IMW) “Seven” specifications

Illuminati Motor Works Progressive Automotive XPRIZE

IMW Seven in the IL State Fair Twilight Parade 2010

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