Where is Porky’s BBQ at the Illinois State Fair this year

Last night we took our first trip out to 2010 Illinois State Fair. Plan was to head to Porky’s BBQ for some food and fried soda. Then start exploring what this years fair had to offer. When we arrived at Porky’s BBQ location from last year – vendor was nowhere to be found. We tried to keep an eye out to see if Porky’s had moved. Neither one of us saw them at a new spot on fairgrounds.

I’d assume Porky’s BBQ decided to skip Illinois State Fair this year. We ended up getting a snack at Greek stand located inside Ethnic Village. Then it was a short walk down hill to Coleman’s Cozy Dog. A couple of corn dogs and a lemonade shake-up were ordered there.

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Porky’s at the 2009 Illinois State Fair

Fried soda pop at the 2009 Illinois State Fair

Smiling kid at Coleman’s Cozy Dog

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Porky’s BBQ

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