Nissan LEAF purchasing leasing goes live Time to order your new electric car

It’s being reported that the Nissan LEAF Dealer portal has gone live. This should mean that reservation holders who live in areas where the LEAF is scheduled to be released will be contacted soon. Some Nissan LEAF reservation holders are reporting emails and phone calls alerting them to their chance to purchase or lease this electric car.

Nissan LEAF reservation complete

Illinois is not one of the first release States for the Nissan LEAF. By the time an option to purchase or lease comes to Illinois many other vehicle manufacturers should have electric cars on the market. The State of Illinois is very lacking in forwarded thinking in regards to new technologies. Which I find odd considering the University of Illinois has been a long time player in developing many alternative energy and transportation projects.

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I’m adding a bunch of articles related to the Nissan LEAF so readers can learn more about this electric car. My opinion is to many websites just give you one story and not enough information to learn about a subject. I also like giving readers many options to help them form their own opinions.

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