Panasonic RE-7412 AM FM Multiplex Stereo Receiver

I’ve owned this Panasonic RE-7412 AM FM Stereo Receiver since the days when I was much younger. About 7 or 8 years ago I went looking for information about this model. Since I haven’t used it for several decades I was looking to sell it. Of course I wanted to know what I had before doing that. From what I found this morning it doesn’t look like this Panasonic Receiver is worth much money. There is one on sale at that popular online auction house for $49.99. Although mine needs a bit of cleaning. I think it’s in better condition than the one I saw for sale.

I hadn’t plugged this stereo in since the last time I went looking for information on it. When I gave it a test this morning the receiver turned right on like it was new out the box. So my RE-7412 is still in working order. There is some gunk under the left knob and dust that has collected needing cleaned up. In the picture the gunk looks like rust. That isn’t what it is. There are a few minor scratches by the knobs from use.

Just plugged this Panasonic Receiver into my computer speakers using an adapter. The audio works just as well as it did years ago.

This product was Made in Japan by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. There is a serial number but no date of manufacture located on the bottom of this unit.

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  1. I haven’t had a set of speakers connected to that receiver in years. Last time I tested it I used a headset. Years ago any standard speaker set would work. As long as the speakers had the proper connecting wire. I’d assume nowadays that type of connection would be outdated.

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