Portable gaming devices a malware target

This really isn't any big surprise or at least it shouldn't be. Cell phones have been a target. Although that threat is still being widely debated. Myself along side of many others. Have continued to say that as more and more of our everyday devices become network capable. We are running the risk of new sources for malware writers to practice their black magic.

Trojan sucks life from PSPs  Tech News on ZDNet

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A new Trojan horse claims to help make PlayStation Portable run homegrown software, but instead the malicious code turns Sony's game player into a useless “brick.”

Virus writers create Nintendo DS Trojan  The Register

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The simple Trojan, dubbed DSBrick, overwrites critical memory areas, preventing the console from booting up normally and thereby turning it into an expensive paper weight. Finnish security firm F-Secure reports the Trojan has been distributed in files with names such as r0mloader.zip and taihen.zip that pose as homebrew apps.

New DS trojan bricks your Nintendo DS – Engadget

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DS users, you no longer reserve the right to feel like virus-free Mac nerds to the PSP fanboys’ PC dweeb—a trojan of the same kind as we saw before in the Trojan.PSPBrick has come to brick that dual-screened gaming device of yours.


Gaming systems targeted yet again Viruslist.com – Analyst's Diary


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