Toyota Prius Recall

This recall is in response to the previously reported software problem that was causing some Toyota Prius vehicles to stall out on highways. You can read the original story below.

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Is your Toyota Prius hybrid stalling out

Software Glitch Triggers Toyota Prius Recalls

In what’s believed to be the first recall of hybrid cars for engine-related problems, Toyota Motor Corp. said today that it is notifying about 75,000 owners of its hot-selling Prius about a potential software glitch that could cause the car to stall or shut down.

The voluntary recall dented the good reliability record of the Prius, whose sales have jumped in the past two years as drivers sought better fuel economy in the face of soaring gasoline prices.

The problem involves the hybrid’s computer software, rather than mechanical parts, and it first came to light in May when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it was investigating consumers’ gripes stalls and shutdowns in the car’s gas-electric engines.

“We have a total of 428 complaints, but no crashes or injuries,” said NHTSA spokesman Rae Tyson. He said Toyota made the decision to contact owners to fix the problem, which involves 2004 and 2005 models.

Toyota Recalls 160,000 Prius Hybrids

Toyota Prius Recall

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