Has the flavor of Phix Energy been changed again

This months supply of Phix Energy doesn’t have as strong a flavor. In 2009 the flavor profile for Phix Energy was changed. Although the taste update was somewhat subtle you could definitely tell a difference. My latest order has both Teaberry and Tropic tasting weaker than last months batch. Although the website doesn’t reflect it there have been some changes within the company. I don’t have any specifics but it seems Life Works a company located in Hollywood, Florida has taken over operations.

So I’m wondering if they have changed back to the older Phix Energy recipe. Maybe my taste buds are off. But both flavors seem weaker than they were last month. I’m not noticing any decrease in performance from the product. Just less flavor. I’ve almost used my full order. Normally I drink 1 or 2 a day. When the household funds improve I’ll probably increase my monthly order. I would of course prefer the stronger flavor versus less.

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