Jason Calacanis speaking at Gnomedex 7 Friday Day 1

These are pictures from Jason Calacanis presentation at Gnomedex 7 Friday Day 1 of the conference. I’m not finding any pictures of the Mahalo announcement. At Gnomedex Chris Pirillo started setting time aside for attendees to announce their personal or professional projects. When Jason Calacanis & I think one other person took their turn to promote Mahalo – Dave Winer and a few others weren’t to happy. Gnomedex has always been a commercial conference – meaning large companies and well known Internet personalities have always been involved. But in 2007 I started to agree with others that things were a bit different than before. I honestly didn’t feel as passionate about this as others. In later years my love of Gnomedex would start to dwindle. This had nothing to do with things being to “commercial”.

Josh and Ticia Seattle Aquarium Gnomedex 2007

Seattle Aquarium at night summer 2007 Gnomedex

Former Senator John Edwards at Gnomedex 2006

Swashbuckler or Pirate Dave Winer Gnomedex opening party 2007

I almost ran into this Tesla Model S in Seattle

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WaterFront Seafood Grill Pier 70 Seattle

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Seagull says hello Edgewater Hotel Seattle

Iggy with the Fremont Troll in Seattle 2007

Our room at the Edgewater hotel 2007 before we got moved in

Edgewater Hotel Teddy Bear foot stool photo

Iggy getting ready to leave the Seattle Monorail 2007

Taking a ride on Seattle Monorail October 2015

Street performers at the original Starbucks Coffee Pike Place Market Seattle

Stilnovich’s Corner Produce Pike Place Market Seattle Washington

Love in an elevator Robert Scoble style

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Chris Sloop from WeatherBug was the host of that dinner. Thanks once again for a wonderful evening.

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