Tesla Motors keychain

Tesla Motors keychain front

Tesla Motors keychain back

A Tesla Motors Club Forum member wanted a picture of a Tesla Motors keychain. When I went to the Tesla Chicago Store opening day event I was given one of their keychains as a freebie. What is pictured above is a mix of keychains. The top half with the connector is actually part of a Zone Labs ( the ZoneAlarm firewall ) keychain. What is attached I got at the Tesla store this year. The front Tesla logo is scratched but still in decent shape. Unfortunately the Tesla URL on the back has worn to the point of it not being readable.

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla stockholder now. Of course I did many articles on the company before this very small purchase.

What I purchased at the Tesla Motors store in Chicago

Chicago news crew getting ready to take a Tesla Roadster Sport test drive

Tesla Motors banner

Tesla Motors Chicago open house food

Here is the inside of the Tesla Roadster Sport I got to ride in

In that article or in the picture here you can slightly see the back of the Tesla keychain plugged into a Roadster doing it’s job.

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